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Server Changelog 28/03/2012

By Guest, in News,

Disabled VIP world as per vote in forum
Clear inv changed to /clear
Removed playerstatus, commandbook can do mute... No point having a seperate plugin for it.
Updated worldedit and worldguard
Mywolf reinstalled
Falsebook updated
Added second global chat to use do: /cc join g2 /cc leave g
Updated IRC
Added caps stopper (disabled for now, f***s up /list)
Disabled god in nether and ender to make it more interesting, its technically a hardcore world anyway
Configured memory to use more instead of more CPU to allow the server to handle more people without bitching out

Additions to fixes:

- Fixed AFK and ME


Server Changelog 26/03/2012

By Guest, in Gaming Servers,

Change your time /playertime (Only for Gold Members and Not server wide - disabled in hardcore)
Added a cooldown to most commands to stop players constantly warping, reporting, tping and cheating-(hardcore) every second. It's getting out of hand and causing CPU spikes with tens of people using /home and /warp commands at the same time.
Staff now have /debug /shock /thor /barrage
Updated bukkit
Fixed a couple of small niggles
You can't drop the logblock tool now

New IP! mc.jrcraft.net

- JRCraft.net
- vote.jrcraft.net
- map.jrcraft.net
- apply.jrcraft.net
- gold.jrcraft.net
- projects.jrcraft.net
- mycraft.jrcraft.net
- zombe.jrcraft.net
- rules.jrcraft.net


Congratulations Flaw and Peter

By Guest, in News,

Along with damian, kev and I, Flaw & Peter have been with us for some time now in the staff team, they have helped JR out with so much. Kept us running, kept us organized. They signed up together basically, got promoted at the same time. Well this is the last promotion they will ever get. Founder

Founder is only given out to staff members that I think have worked real hard at JR and have kept with it from the start and that I believe will continue on to the end.

I'd like to mention that I appreciate all they have done for JR over the years and I'm glad that they have become founder and stayed with us. I just hope they continue to stick with us for the years ahead

Thank you guys, congratulations!

Also I have fixed some other bugs on the site. I'm working through the beta bugs as fast as I can


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