MCBans Support Removal

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Hi Guys,
Due to a inside dispute with MCBans we will be removing all MCBans support from the JR Minecraft servers as of approximately 1 - 2 weeks time.

Small bit of inside info:

We will not discuss the real reason why the MCBans staff got removed as this will only cause hate threads on the MC Bans forum and we don't want to cause any issues with them.

We will soon be switching to a new system of global banning away from MCBans that will work way better, We are just waiting for the final stages of the system to come online.

We may see some banned members come back. But be aware if on your second chance if you mess around on the JR Craft server we will ban you without notice. Come back and play fair and we will let you have another fair chance.



Recent Changelog

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Monster spawning is now on in hardcore
Animals are unlimited
Installed local chat to have local only chat to stop Chat spam do /cc join L and /cc leave G
To rejoin global chat do /cc join G and /cc leave L
To join world chat only do /cc join W and /cc leave G
Switched to logblock (Hawkeye is still there to find and deal with old griefs till the 17th)
Updated a lot of plugins including factions, multiverse and more
Fixed a couple of glitch bugs


KONY 2012

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Hey guys,
Even though JR is a gaming and tech website we also like to help with things and issues going on around the world. (We have lives ! xD)

Anyway, KONY 2012?
Well to save me explaining it, please watch this (as this is will explained):

WTF is this and why does JR support it!

Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has kidnapped an estimated 50,000
children for use as military fighters or sex slaves in Uganda. As part
of their initiation, these children are often required to kill their
own parents, so they'll have no homes to return to.

Join in and stop the torture and torment, We will....


JR Get's More Organized!

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Hey guys,

As you know I have been working to make JR way more organized, I have been so busy its 2:30 AM at the moment, Since I have fell into the love of my website developing it etc. It seems I have lost track of time.

What are we doing to make the website more organised?

- Dedicated support area

Need to make a support ticket about anything on JR ? Please do so here:

- Dedicated bans area for minecraft

Sick of tons of recent posts in the forum about bans, No worry any more! Check it out:

- A place to upload your Minecraft projects!

Also we will be doing a weekly build competition for a chance to win a weeks gold membership and also 15,000 cash in minecraft every week! More info: ! Link:

- We shall be publishing a weekly news report on JR with the latest at JR and what we are doing, This will also be mass emailed to all users on JR!

- We are trying to make the forums a place of discussion and fun, not a full on bordem place. People need to be aware that forums exist and join in with the community.

JR is growing, we are getting popular and we have many services. We are not just a forum anymore, We have an awesome powerful CMS system now, we have a lot of custom code. We are just trying to organize our selves as I'm pretty unorganized at times!

This organization will help JR grow even more and I hope you enjoy what we are doing to make JR a better experience for us all!

Hey guys, For 4 hours straight I have been getting ready a surprise project! So here it is, its an easy service where you can quickly upload your project to JR Network. Please remember this is in beta and we are still working on it, More things will be added when I have a chance. There aren't bugs, because there isn't much to go wrong. I hope you enjoy this and use it!

If you post a project from the JR Server to this service, you are in for a chance to win a gold membership! Read the rules and info below:

Build of the week competition!

Just post your projects at: ! The build of the week will happen every week!

You can use any world that you'd like apart from the VIP World.
The building MUST fit in to the landscape.
You can only submit a building once if submitted twice it will be ignored.
It can not be copied and must be original.
You may not submit builds of wooden towers and or cobble. Unless they are awesome.
To be eligibal for build of the week, You can only have up to a team of two. Anymore will not be eligable.
You can only win once every month.
All builds must comply with the build of the week rules and the normal server rules.


- 15000 Cash
- 1 week gold membership