New Minecraft Server!

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We are back online with our huge 500 slot server! I will be posting more soon, but the TEMP ip for the server is: If you can not login via ( is updating right now!)




New server on the way!

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Hey guys,
Again today I'm upgrading the server:

Take a look at these for specs:

Intel Xeon i7 W3520
4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
8 MB L2 - QPI 4.8 GT/sec
Turbo Boost Technology @ 2.93GHz 24 GB DDR3
Intel SSD 320 2x 40 GB
SATA 2 2x 2TB
Gigabit per second.

Anyway there will be around 2 hours downtime... We are working on the new server at the moment, and we will be working on this really vigorously so I will not be able to take any support questions.

We will be having 3 new worlds on this server More information on this later, Also we are upping the amount of slots to 500 Slots.


1.2 Is nearly ready! Read this!

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Hey guys.

Oh we have been busy, we have a new server on the way tomorrow *points to donate box, that would really help with paying next month*

Please be aware there is some issues with the server currently:

- Server is limited to 25 Slots, Get in first congratz, the server is going to be hectic

- No multiworlds. If we have multiworlds tonight our server will die
- /register plugin is dead. Old MOTD plugin also dead. Temporary plugin in place to notify users whats going on
- Don't use Worldedit staff, i don't know how stable it is
- Our map size is 9 GB, therefore we had to limit
- Block hat, glow hat, is not working
- Mob disguise is not working (been updated currently by dev)
- Flamethrower is not working (awaiting update)
- Chat colors are bugged currently
- IRC plugin not working, awaiting update
- No voxel sniper currently
- No spout till update.
- Warning plugin is not working till update
- Lottery plugin is down
- Login Reward plugin is down
- War is down.

We are switching the server on in 10 minutes. Be ready.


Team of Highly Trained Monkeys !

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Hey guys,

Jamie here posting a quick announcement.

Ok so I have run into a big issue, fixable yes. But it means we are going to have to upgrade our server sooner than expected!

Minecraft upgraded the height size, therefore our survival map doubled from 4.5 GB to 9 GB!

Our ram disk is at 11 GB so therefore our server needs to be upgraded, otherwise things will be too laggy to play. I have contacted our data center and they are provisioning a new server tomorrow and specially for you, I have payed the first bit of the server out of my birthday money, so any donations are really welcomed.

So how much is this costing JR? 145 Euro per month now! Thats only our minecraft server expense, if you can please purchase Gold membership, This will help pay our server expense.

Will JR be up tonight? Possible but I can't promise anything I have to finish updating a ton of plugins, rewrite some code and then if we are up tonight creative will be disabled as it'll kill our ram disk.
This is the first time an update didn't sail through, we hope though we get everything running for at least tomorrow if not tonight!

Anyway, back to my team of highly trained monkeys, we got math problems to solve!