Ok guys, big blow to all of us minecraft admins. Bukkit's dying out!
1.2, won't affect JR, we will be running and stay running throughout 1.2.
But anyway this means we need to transition over to other things after 1.2.

Now this ain't going to be smooth for ANY server. A lot of servers will have to start from scratch. A lot of servers will die and only a few servers will stay.

Now just a side note, I love you guys, I love the community, I love the effort you put towards JR Craft and JR Network as a hole, we will be continuing what we do, we ain't going to be letting you down. I personally will be working my hardest to keep us running. We are just getting to a point of no stopping.

What we are going to do to keep us running?

We are going to spout. Spout have an upcoming spout server. Why spout and not an official server?

1) We need to have a lot more power than what just minecraft gives us
2) We need to be able to easily create new plugins and evolve with already made ones
3) We can transfer over (we hope) Easily enough.

We will be using the spout server as soon as it is ready and hopefully transition everything over.

We need help!

Now since I'm going to be doing my bit to keep us running, I need you guys to do your bit, Stick with us, the best you can, the more support we get to our server the more unstoppable we will become. This time every server is calling for help and support. So like them we will have to also.

I'm also looking for a java, minecraft development team to work with our move to spout.

What can you do? to get us more popularity.
Diamond, Favorite and comment at our planetminecraft page is one of the biggest helps we can do:
Recommend us at: and <- Vote here each day!
Tell your friends to join us
Tell your friends to tell their friends to join us. And so on and so forth.

You are the community that can help JR, that can decide our fate, Stick with us for the ride of a lifetime. We promise we will do our best in making JR Craft the best Minecraft server out there!


Griefed, Please read this!

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Hi guys,

This is an announcement about griefing. We are seeing a lot of griefing and its a ton of work to our staff team.

We recommend using worldguard. It's a tool that will protect anything you own, from roads to huge buildings. It's usable by everyone, free and easy to use:

Type //wand in the chat box. This will give you a stick.
Left click to select where you want to protect from. This will be the starting point.
Right click to select where you want to protect it till. This will be the ending point.
Use //expand <depth> <height> up to extend your selection both downwards and upwards.
This means better protection, but you should use it only when you need it. The block limit is 500,000.
Finally, use /region claim <region_name> to claim it.
Using spaces is not recommended. "Region name" will be saved as "Region." The space and anything after it will be ignored.

For reference (if you do not know how to use it) please look at:


Please start using it! It decreases the work load on staff so that they can do other things!

Hey Guys,
Just a bit of announcement, We want to see community work around JR, so we are asking users to post a video showing of JR Craft on youtube.

To avail of the 3000 ingame cash, simply:

1) Upload at least a minutes worth of video footage to youtube
2) In the description it has to have the server IP:
3) Post the URL to the video below of this post with your Minecraft in-game name!

Then as soon as that is done, expect 3000 free cash



JR Website Optimization

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Hey guys.
Today we have been busy clearing up the website, we have done various website optimizations and we have seen the website load size go down 55% !

Thats an incredible amount of a speed increase for you guys!

We have also changed the background so it loads way quicker and will be less laggy for you users!

The JR Team


Windows Live ID

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As JR grows up and moves forward we feel the need to make JR more accessible to people!

So what have we done?

We have signed up with Microsoft and you can now register with your hotmail account! Awesome isn't it ?

This is just one change that we have done to make JR easier to understand to use