Hey guys,
A lot of people have asked me, Why should I buy Gold Membership (formerly VIP) ?

A couple of reasons why ...

All the money we earn from gold membership solely goes towards paying the costs for the servers at JR
The more money we raise, the bigger the servers we get and the more services we can offer
I pay for 45% of ALL server bills, I have no money
You get additional features, no advertisements around JR and huge amounts of features in Minecraft
You are showing that you support JR and that you want to help JR
You get support priority from me and the staff team.

This is not begging for money in anyway. But if you want to see JR continue to grow and get bigger then we do need people purchasing Gold and donating.

Currently JR needs to raise 500 euro to pay for its next minecraft server. We have around 2 months to get this amount.

Why do we need another minecraft server?

JR is getting big we are getting on average 20 - 40 sign-ups per day for minecraft and more people are sticking around to play. Lets face it even though I planned for expansion JR is expanding so rapidly we need an even bigger server to cope with the work load.. Sad I know.

Anyway, to the people who have bought Gold / VIP thanks for all your support! Without you we wouldn't be here!


Voxel Chat - Upcoming Features

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Just installed voxel chat for you guys so you can see chat bubbles if wanted. You must though download the voxel modpack and install VoxelPlayer http://www.voxelwiki...odPack#Download

As soon as you restart your minecraft you can see floating chat bubbles yay!

We have also removed grief prevention. Please use world guard to protect projects now. Grief prevention was causing too many issues.

We are also trying to make JR Craft a fun experience and we are adding a quest system soon and doing a lot more to make a bigger RPG experience as well as a survival experience


Fixed Stability Error - mcMMO removed.

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Hi guys,
In the aid of stability I have had to disable mcMMO, it was causing the CPU to spike and crash the entire server. This has took me around 7 days to find the bug But we have it now!

Instead of mcMMO I'm thinking of doing some more RPG things, I.E a quest system or something similar

I didn't want to remove it but since we have to maintain stability I had to. Sorry mcMMO fans! I can promise some more exciting things to come soon though



VIP Membership Discontinued

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Hello Guys,
We have discontinued normal VIP membership, for a couple of reasons:

1) To Improve your game experience on JR
2) To not have 2 VIP types, it confuses people.


Don't worry! JR has specially transferred you over to gold membership for free and gave it you at a discounted cost. 1 Month: 6.50$, (3.50 Dollars off) 3 Months: 25$ (5 Dollars off) & 6 Months 40$ (20 Dollars off) (this is a present from me (rebel24) Saying thanks for your donation efforts that help keep us running)

Gold is now 10$'s a month Enjoy Guys.


MonsterIRC and more!

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Hey Guys,

We are constantly trying to make our Minecraft server the best it can be some of the following changes I have worked on in the past 2 weeks are below:

- Awesome new minecraft server (fully dedicated)
- Sorted out the memory leak (Multiverse was loading things in the memory twice)
- Installed MonsterIRC, you can now connect to our minecraft chat from IRC! To do this connect to in your favourite IRC client and then connect to the channel #minecraft (If your new type the command in the message box: /join #minecraft
Remember to register your minecraft user name in the #minecraft channel to stop it from been robbed. Use /nick name (to change your irc name to your minecraft name) Then do /msg nickserv register (password) (email address)

- Re enabled factions
- mcMMO re enabled
- Fixed the player list on the home page: (look at the side block )
- Enabled reboots every hour till we have the nospawn chunks plugin.
- Increased slot limit to 250 To increase interest in JR for newcomers. Also the server should be able to handle it
- Installed lottery plugin
- Updated nearly every plugin on the server
- Optimized the server
- Switched off the map again. It was causing some issues :/ Bit annoying. It'll be back as soon as it is sorted.
- Optimized mySQL tables.
- BUG FIX: Fixed mob arena not allowing admins to ban /warn and kick while playing.
- BUG FIX: People can fly in the arena now as we have put a limit barrier on the arena. (your still going to be killed. I promise you that )

That's it for now, We are developing the god mode plugin to not activate in war and we are getting mob arena to start healing you guys again

Enjoy JR Craft!