Saints Row: The Third

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I have to say that this is one of the most unique sandbox/freeroam games i have played. all the sandbox/freeroam games have a story that makes you start at the bottom of everything and you progress to the top with missions and finally beat the game. BUT , saints row makes you start at the top with luxury cars , millions of dollars and really AWESOME weapons. This kind of a storyline is very fun to play with and i would like to see other game developers doing the same kind of things.

You have a lot of money and an hourly city income which allows you to buy weapons and properties very easily.
The missions are very good , just on the second mission you have to jump THROUGH a plane and have a gunfight in the sky, then catch your friend.
The weapons are really good (well some of them are not really good).like the AR drone which is really helpful in missions that involve gangfights.
The overall gameplay is really good too , but there are some flaws which i will be discussing in the cons section


The storyline is not very long.
The graphics are not very good.
Sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a tree or in someone else
Some of the guns do not work as they should
When you play it for more then half an hour (when you beat the game) you really do not want to continue because there are not much activities in the city


PRICE: 49.99 on steam


The JR Halo Clan - Restarting

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Hey guys,

Me and Joey are starting up a Halo Clan again ! (If you didn't know we used to run a clan called death clock and yes we were pretty bad ass. So we are going to start it again.

If you want to join add ImaginaryXbox on your xbox and we will get you going!

WE are JR.
WE will fight.
WE will never give up.



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Incinerate, an insane space shooter game, the game its pretty simple, aliens have conquered Mars and are building an army to invade the earth, so you become the earths last hope to destroy the enemy ships in your way. Destroy alien spaceships, plants, buildings and everything on your way.

The game has a top-down view, like the old classic ship games.
The gameplay its really good and simple, you move the ship with your mouse and shoot with left and right mouse buttons, the ship responds fast and havent found any problems.

During the game you can find diverse bonuses, money and ammo for the ship, by destroying every ship and building you see. You can use the money later in the game to improve your ship in some stations along the way.

The graphics are really good for this kind of game, detailed and with high quality.

The game menu its one of the worst points, they are not that good, and do not work well, there is some problems there, some bugs.

Its a good game to play for just a couple of hours, since it can get a little boring with time for being linear. The strong point of the game its the graphics wich are really good and detailed with some great explosions. (7/10)

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Platform: PC
Developer: Star Ashes
Publisher: Star Ashes
Release Date: 2 July 2009
Genre: Arcade
Languages: ENG
Cost: 9,99 USD


OS: Win All
CPU: 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
VGA: 128 MB
HDD: 100 MB


Ford Racing: Off Road

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This is a racing game where you can drive all kind of Ford off road vehicles, Ford 4x4 SUV's, Land Rover's and Range Rover's.
Like most of the racing games, you have several race options to choose, the Quick Race where you get in and go, the Career mode, the Tournament, the Arcade and the Multiplayer.

In Career mode, you have a Career Map, Garage, and then Showroom. In the Career Map the game details your current progress. Only the first race in the map its unlocked, so you have to start there. You get in and the game gives you a description of the race and the prizes. But before starting you need a car, so you have to go to the showroom to buy your car. You dont have much money at start, so you can only buy 1 of the 2 first models. You are given $6000 to buy a Ranger Truck or a Defender SUV.

Each vehicle has three stats: Acceleration, Speed, and Handling. There is absolutely no difference in the starting stats between these vehicles, just the price. Now that you have a vehicle, its time to race, to be able to advence in the career mode, and unlock other races, you have to end first, there is no other place.

There are not much differences between the Career Mode and the Tournament Mode. You get a little more money to start, allowing you to pick 4 different models. The process is identical to Career Mode. The races are longer in the Tournament.

The Arcade mode allows you to race a course backwards. You can unlock several types of races. This ties in directly with the Multiplayer. The multiplayer allows for a split screen or two player game. You have a ton of games you can unlock in the Arcade. The Multiplayer Mode only offers you three different games.

The game offers no challenge just go forward, there is no need to break to make a turn, just hit the walls and you will bounce back into the track. You can make 90 degrees turns in an SUV at 140 KPH and not flip.

You will have to compete against AI vehicles that are the same model, but they are able to just out-accelerate you in the wide open, while you are driving at 200 KPH.
The races are very predictable and the AI its pretty dumb when it comes to defend their place.
It is also impossible to make an opponent spin th AI cars are glued to the ground.

For a 2008 game, the graphics are pretty lame, low quality, it looks like a 90's game, you can only see some scratches in the car, no damage, there is only a damage meter.

The gameplay its not the best, the cars sometimes are hard to control and drive, the worst its that you can't adjust the driving keys to your own style, you have to use the arrow keys, and there is no option to change it.

The car sound effects are awfull, simply awfull.

This could have been a great game, its not entirely bad, but most of the gamers wont like this game, I do not recommend to buy it. (4/10)

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Developer: Razorworks
Publisher: Strategy First
Release Date: 23 september 2008
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-2
Platforms: PC/PSP/PS2/WII
Cost: 19.99 USD


CPU: P4 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 512 Mb
HDD: 500 Mb
VGA: 128 Mb video Card

Bridge! The construction game

It is a puzzle game, that really makes you think.
Your job is to build a bridge, in a certain place, with a certain geography.

The game idea is pretty simple, but complicated at the same time, the game gives you a certain amount of parts, a limited budget and limited amount of points of support that you can use (Places in the ground where you can attach your pieces).

The pieces they give you to use vary in material, the different materials have differences in resistance, length limits and price.
It is your job to choose the right design for the bridge, parts to use (from those available), where and how to put them, according to your available points of support. To move to the next level, the bridge must resist the passage of cars, the bridge gets tested, if it fails you have to go back to the drawing table. Before testing it, if you select the option to use trucks, if the bridge holds, you get extra points.

The graphics are very basic, with low quality, and some brightness problems.

Another issue despite the graphics, its that the game is really short, you finish it in a couple of hours.

It is an interesting game, that makes you think, but it can be very difficult and frustrating, the graphics are very basic, the interface has some serious problems. I recommend it only for people who are interested in challenges, and do not mind the low quality graphics. (5 / 10)

That is a review for a game i tried a while ago, but for what i have seen in the gameplay videos, it has advanced a lot.

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Publisher: Aerosoft
Developer: TexSickLabs
Release Date: 04/2011
Genre: Simulation/Puzzle
Languages: ENG/DEU/FR/SPA
Official site:
Cost: Download: 19.99 Euros Buy: 12.99 Euros

System requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 2,6 GHz
RAM: minimum 2048
VGA: 256 MB min. Geforce 6000 or Radeon X 1000
DirectX: 9.0c or better
HDD: 430 MB

Bridge Construction

This game is extremely similar to Bridge!, the gameplay is the same, the way to build the bridges, the materials, the cost, the lenght limits, the passage of cars with a bonus for trucks the building table with the grid, some of the missions are the same.

The graphics are similar in style, just improved in quality.

The main differences are that the amount of missions its higher, and there is some different materials, they added the steel cables, and concrete columns.

It is an improvement of the other game, in graphics, length of the game, and gameplay with those new materials, it makes it feel more real. Is a newer version of Bridge!?, is a copy?, dont know, there is absolutely no info about it.
If you go to the game site you will see a blank page with an image in the middle that links you to the facebook account, that is completely empty too, no info, not even an image of the game, nothing.(6/10)

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Publisher: HeadUp Games
Developer: ClockStone Studio
Genre: Simulation/Puzzle