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MonsterIRC and more!

By Guest, in Gaming Servers,

Hey Guys,

We are constantly trying to make our Minecraft server the best it can be some of the following changes I have worked on in the past 2 weeks are below:

- Awesome new minecraft server (fully dedicated)
- Sorted out the memory leak (Multiverse was loading things in the memory twice)
- Installed MonsterIRC, you can now connect to our minecraft chat from IRC! To do this connect to irc.jrnetwork.net in your favourite IRC client and then connect to the channel #minecraft (If your new type the command in the message box: /join #minecraft
Remember to register your minecraft user name in the #minecraft channel to stop it from been robbed. Use /nick name (to change your irc name to your minecraft name) Then do /msg nickserv register (password) (email address)

- Re enabled factions
- mcMMO re enabled
- Fixed the player list on the home page: http://jrnetwork.net (look at the side block )
- Enabled reboots every hour till we have the nospawn chunks plugin.
- Increased slot limit to 250 To increase interest in JR for newcomers. Also the server should be able to handle it
- Installed lottery plugin
- Updated nearly every plugin on the server
- Optimized the server
- Switched off the map again. It was causing some issues :/ Bit annoying. It'll be back as soon as it is sorted.
- Optimized mySQL tables.
- BUG FIX: Fixed mob arena not allowing admins to ban /warn and kick while playing.
- BUG FIX: People can fly in the arena now as we have put a limit barrier on the arena. (your still going to be killed. I promise you that )

That's it for now, We are developing the god mode plugin to not activate in war and we are getting mob arena to start healing you guys again

Enjoy JR Craft!


New Server & Specs - Minecraft

By Guest, in News,

Hey guys,
As you may have known today we have got our new server and I have transferred everything over. Special help from brayden really helped speed things along.

We did have one issue on release, it crashed on save xD (doh!) We have resolved this and we are flying again.

The server now have a full 24 GB RAM to meddal with, its not sharing it with JR's website or other services yay! It has dedicated 11 GB of RAM DISK with the rest of the RAM pumping directly into the plugins and world generating.

So the server specs, dudad dad adaa!

Operating system Debian Linux 6.0.4
Processor information Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, 8 cores RAM 24 GB
Virtual memory 2 GB total
Local disk space 1.80 TB total

Remember the IP has changed to playmc.jrnetwork.net so change it if you haven't otherwise you won't be able to connect. If it says whitelisted still after IP change restart your internet connection / computer.


Hello guys, Jamie here!
As you know we deal with griefing daily. It's hard to constantly sort out members that grief. Recently its getting harder and harder to deal with griefs and user issue's.

The reason? A number of reasons.
Users are not using /report properly its misleading for admins when users report griefing when they are no where near the grief
Users have been fixing the grief as soon as they see it, then they report it. This means, we have no idea where the grief happened and we can not deal punishments / ban people for it
Users have been using /report for little arguments and little kiddy issues.
People are blaming other members for things they have never done
People are whining over losing a diamond or their inventory because they either died or dropped something. You lose it you lose it.
Now, to sort this we are going to put a couple of rules in place.
You may only use /report if you are next to the structure that has been griefed
If you fix a grief and /report it you will have a warning placed on your account
You are not allowed to blame anyone for a grief. Unless you have screenshot proof it was them.
Arguing, raging and whining at or with individuals on the server will get you 2 warning's on your account. We are not allowing little arguments over a diamond happen any longer.
Big griefs will get you a global perma ban, no coming back (150 - 300 block griefs) Minor griefs, a couple of blocks stolen / taken will get 1 warning on your account.
Lying about an exploit or issue on the server will get you a temp ban. Be honest.
Constant spamming slowly will get you a warning on your account (eg saying one letter all the time on the server - Caps lock spamming)
Blaming a family member about griefing while you were away on your account will not get you unbanned any longer. For one, its not cool your blaming a brother/sister etc and Two its your account, you logout, your responsible always for your account.
Asking for admin constantly will get you a warning. Admins have to sort things out, if they say they are busy they are busy. If you need help with building ask a helper. If you are having an issue with a member then talk to a moderator. If you find a grief report it with /report or if you see another person grief then don't shout grief (this alerts the griefer and he makes a runner better to catch him in the action). Use /tell and tell a grief police / moderator or if none available an admin. It is not fair at all that members constantly will only talk to admins. Moderators report to admins on a daily basis.
XRay is not allowed. I will be checking for xray again soon at anytime. xrayers will be perma banned with no way of coming back. If you have xrayed come forward and be honest and nothing will happen to your account.
Advertising our server on other servers is not allowed. We don't need help advertising in this way. It's unfair to other servers and will get you a temp ban on JR. If you want to help go to recommend.jrnetwork.net
Trolling or spamming about our server everywhere will also get you banned. It's not fair. If you have a problem with a member of staff then talk to another member of staff.
3 Warnings and you have a perma ban, Warnings will be emptied and removed from time to time but if you ever get 3 warnings at one time you will be banned.
We are also setting up a bans list, On why you were banned and who banned you. You may appeal on the bans list. The bans list will be on public view. This is to notify other servers and us the admins on why you were banned so we can easily reference it.

Anyway, We have been making various modifications to the website and have received some stunning support on this thanks guys! We are glad you are starting to enjoy and use the improved JR Network. We will be making slight improvements daily to keep you happy. If you need any help or if you would like any information contact us at info@jrnetwork.net

Whats coming next:
Minecraft Ban List
New minecraft dynmap on website
Improvement to the content area
Renaming of some menu tabs
Improvement with staff management
Improvement with support.
Website speed improvement
Rules revamping.
We are always doing stuff for you the community. All we want to do is to keep you happy. This is why we add different rules, add additional features to our services and make it our work to keep you happy. Remember the more you stick around and make us a success the more things that will come to JR in the future.

Thanks for making JR your home,


Big style edits

By Guest, in News,

Hey guys.
I have been doing some big style edits as of today. If you are still seeing:

Then you need to urgently clean your cache! Otherwise new features will not show! If ctrl and f5 doesn't fix your issue it can be easily done by using ccleaner *windows only* Find it at: http://piriform.com/ccleaner

The main noticable addition today is the always viewable userbar at the top! This is to keep help users and keep them more organized. It will have some more features soon but for now that's all.

Please be aware the sign out button is in the users profile when you click on the name.
Also instead of the rep up and down on everyones post / topic /reply / comment its now changed to like this! This is a bit more fun and doesn't create a negative field towards members.


Whats Happening ?

By Guest, in News,

JR Network is editing and adding different features to help provide a better a website for you!

We are working upon bringing more content to you. So we have started to work with IP.Content on the website, this allows us to add content, to promote it in the forum / blogs etc.

Be aware. It's not as easy as it sounds. I still have to code a lot of the page templates in PHP/HTML/CSS etc so its taking its time.

After we are done we will populate the database full of your forum posts so if you have any reviews you'd like to publish, please post them in the forum!

Issues currently:

- Images wont display when we truncate forum post content.

Working Upon:

- System Structure.
- Where everything is etc. Should be done soon.

Please comment below to test the comments.


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