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MobArena Returns!

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

Guess what! We have just re-released mob arena. A big shout out to The original Collessum creator (its an old JR build) Bluemoonredsun and Nerve for helping to pull this off.
Take a look at /warp mobarena to play  
Mob arena is back! Spawn work was undertaken today You can now switch off PVP if you do not want to fight with the community (PVP is off by default to switch it on do /pvp) PVP will automatically switch on when you enter duel arenas. Please note there is a cooldown, if you switch on PVP you will need to wait 60 seconds to switch it off, this is to prevent misuse of the command. Red nametags now show you who has PVP on Updated Placeholder API


Minecraft Updates

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

Hi Guys,
Just a few updates to fix a few bugs:
Updated XConomy Disabled player mention Updated Multichat Updated MoreOres Updated mcMMO Updated Litebans Updated LibsDisguises Updated HomeGUI Updated HoloMobs Health Updated RewardsPro Updated PaperSpigot to the latest version Changed bungeecord to use Waterfall instead We will be looking at more features shortly to keep you entertained  

We have installed and fixed a few things that will make playing on the server easier!
- Mob's now show health status above them
- Home's now has a GUI to see all your homes
- Sleeping system changed to Smoothsleep as the betterbed plugin doesn't work as well
- You can now mention players with @
- Reports can now be made using /report
Also if you have a minute, please vote for us here: https://minebrowse.com/server/771 It will really help us gain more users in the long run  


PVP Arena & More Updates

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

Big update today guys, hope you enjoy it please see the following update log:
- Fixed issues with our website / permissions bridge
- Changed permissions system to group manager
- Removed BungeePEXBridge
- Removed NPC Auctions
- Removed user access to worldguard, this is in favour of griefprevention.
- Removed message on join how did you find the server due to a bug.
- Changed Player list
- Removed [survival] from messages. We only run survival currently so silly having this here
- Disabled dynmap worldguard as not really used especially now we have disabled user access to worldguard
- Installed farm limiter to reduce mob clusters causing lag
- Updated economy plugin
- Removed job hunter
- Added Mobhunter plugin
- Added Holographic displays and modified spawn
- Added PVPArena to duel a fellow user type /duel. To spectate use /warp PVPArena (This arena was created by old time members on a previous map, it's based on a halo map ) 
- Added moreores: 
   Kelp Ore: This ore smelts into kelp, which can then be cooked, providing a food source underground.
 Petrified Wood: This ore smelts into oak wood, so players will have a way of gaining wood while underground.
 Experience Ore: Drops 1 - 4 experience orbs. (Minimum and maximum experience orbs are configurable)
 Random Ore: Drops coal, gold ore, iron ore, 1 - 10 redstone, or a diamond.
 Potion Ore: Splashes a random potion when broken. The more harmful potions are disabled, but that can be configured.
 Health Ore: Combing four of these creates a Medkit.
 Medkit: Can be used on a mob or another player to heal them 6 health points. (Amount of health is configurable)
 Liquid Ore: This ore smelts into Liquid Ingots.

Liquid Ingot: Surround a turtle shell with these in the crafting menu to create a Scuba Helmet. Can be used to make Noncombustible boots, Dolphin Pants, and Chestplate of the Drowned
 Scuba Helmet: Allows its wearer to breathe underwater for 20 seconds. (Time is configurable)
OTHER ITEMS: Chestplate of the Drowned: A chestplate that provides haste for 10 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots
Dolphin Pants: Leggings that provide dolphin's grace for 20 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots
Noncombustible Boots: Boots that provide fire resistance for a total of 65 seconds, 1 second at a time. The time can be multiplied in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots


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