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Team Fortress 2 MVM

By Jamie, in Website News,

Due to the continued success of our MVM TF2 server we have setup a second server so more players can get in on the action.

While looking at stats I can see that nearly every day the server becomes full. I have also noticed on the logs that during these times people attempt to join the servers while full.
As of this article and posting the server 2 minutes ago, the new server is nearly full already:

Hopefully this helps! You can see all our servers at https://servers.jrnetwork.net/ If we see more demand for TF2 we will boot up more servers.

A few updates have been happening as you may have seen recently.
I'll run through them quickly so you are aware of everything that has happened:
New look: This was supposed to be released some time this year after I had finished development, due to issues with our forum on our old theme I had no choice but to switch to the new look. This new look is still under construction so be aware things may change or be buggy during this time. Mobile: If you noticed mobile was messing around and looked terrible this has been resolved now. Server list: We have removed unused servers on our server list during our tidy up. This also required a reset of player stats. Next time this happens we will not have to reset player stats but unfortunately due to a bug on our servers list / app this was required. Clans: We have changed clubs to become clans. This allows you to create a group / community within our JR community, you can create a blog / news feed / a community discussion / gallery and more. Soon there will be support for paid for clans where community members can purchase a membership to keep your clan running smoothly. Check it out here: https://jrnetwork.net/clubs/ Dev updates on website: These update logs will be posted when ever I get a chance and are public. You can find dev updates on the dev blog listed here:  Minecraft updates: I have just enabled dynmap found here: http://quigon.jrnetwork.net:1888/ This is to showcase our communitys progress on the minecraft server. More updates will happen soon to minecraft, we have not forgotten one of our many roots.  
There will be more information soon, including new prizes, events and more servers. We are JR, we are still standing, we will game on together.


Discord Integration!

By Jamie, in Website News,

We have finally got complete discord integration on JR.
This will have a few benefits:
Membership role will be determined from the website. For example, if you purchase premium you will get your premium role on discord automagically (this can take up to an hour) ! You can login now to JR with your discord account. Website news will now be published directly to our discord account! For existing users who would like their discord account role synced please sign in to JR with discord here: https://jrnetwork.net/settings/login/?service=15 You will automatically get the member rank (which will give a few goodies in the future)

Don't worry folks we are still here!
Apologies it's been a while, things have got busy and we haven't had much time for some changes.
Well there will be some change around here soon, be prepared for updates and more stuff soon. 
Any ideas? PM me, I'm listening  

Due to many issues with the ARK server software, server usage and the constant hand holding ARK requires I am sad to announce we have discontinued ARK for other future projects.
As a team we want to provide you good gaming servers that run correctly without us having to intervene and fix things all the time. We run linux servers and ARK's server does not work well with linux and it won't ever due to the way Wildcard is.
I'm sorry that we have to close ARK like this but it's not worth the amount of money we are putting in for hosting the servers.
Expect different servers to take over ARK!

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