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Minecraft 1.19

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

I finally have had a chance to upgrade us to 1.19, please note that there are some bugs we are aware of. 
Main issues:
Dynmap while working is not fully compatible Our chat plugin is broken currently and we are awaiting an update for 1.19  
A big thanks to everyone who joined us last night, we can't wait to play again soon. We will be scheduling another community event for next week to continue the build out of spawn


Our website

By Jamie, in Website News,

Just a quick note for all, JR is currently under redevelopment and we are coding some cool features.
We understand our website looks a little plain but don't worry, this is only temporary. I've had a few messages in relation to this and I thought it'd be great to quickly outline our plan.
The plan is as follows:
Continue development of our new servers area (in alpha dev) and improve on our rewards and ranking system. When this development (which is happening pretty rapidly) is near to completion we will be looking at a redesign of the look and feel of JR. Within this new look and feel we are trying to make it more simple to navigate and understand what we do. We will be giving updates on this entire process as we go through it and will be looking for some public testers to help find and resolve bugs. Please join our discord for more consistent and further updates https://discord.jrnetwork.net/ 
We will be adding more news on the site about this new development when we have a lot to talk about, all small updates will be announced on the discord.

Hi Guys,
We have restarted development of our website and custom server monitoring / ranks and rewards system. We are currently in the process of redesigning the look of our website, what you see is currently temporary and the aesthetic will change soon.
This is integral to our gaming servers and provides us with a lot of flexibility in terms of rewarding users, advising you of server information and server issues.
One major addition to this system has been a way that admins can put a game server into maintenance mode for users to know that we are working on the server instead of just seeing the server down.

Further bugs have also been addressed, please see below for a more detailed log. We will be providing more updates like these soon and also keeping the changes very transparent with you all.
Recent Bug Fixes
Normal delete servers -> archive (will allow users to retain stats) -> check these servers are not been queried. (hidden servers) Fix minecraft user ID tracking When server disabled it now hides from server list Steam querying for users Prefix on custom query Reward transactions not commiting to database Overview reverted to original before it was half rewritten SQL Syntax for new versions of SQL Fix Source / TF2 Tracking Recent feature addition
Server to not show offline unless server has been down x times on checking (configurable within settings) Servers can go in to maintenance mode now, current implementation works but is missing noticeable features such as notification for people when under maintenance.

We are happy to announce that our we are expanding the Ark Cluster to include 4 additional maps, we have been working hard to bring these servers to you. Please keep in mind that we are still in our beta testing stage for the cluster, any and all feedback is welcome. During the course of the beta test please expect changes to be made rapidly based upon player feedback, the goal here is to make a balanced and consistent experience. We will be carrying the maps over from the beta test into the full release of the server, so play as much as you want!
New maps
The new maps we have added as follows:
Extinction Lost Island Genesis 2 Crystal Isles Mod Changes
With the introduction of Genesis 2 to the cluster we have removed the Cross-Genesis 2 mod from the cluster.
Connection details:
To find the connection details for the servers please head on over to our servers list!
Feedback and Ideas
If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve or change the server you can do so via our new ideas section of the website available here: 
The new ideas section allows you to submit and vote on ideas that you believe would be beneficial to the game servers. We will also be updating the status of any ideas so that you can see where they are in our implementation pipeline. 

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