Due to JRCash and JRRewards in it's infancy as a beta service as described in a previous news post we may have to reset JRCash due to the beta if exploitation occurs.
Since it has we have had to reset JR Cash. This is to keep things fair for all members. We do not intend this to happen again, we know this is annoying for users who have earned JRCash previously.
While we have reset JRCash we are giving all users a multiplier of 2x JRCash for the next week as an apology and a thank you for working with us through this hard time.


JRCraft Updates

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

We have updated the JRCraft Survival server as shown below:
Updated spigot to latest version JRCash integration. Use JR Cash made from posting in the forum or playing on different servers within JRCraft. Earn JR Cash by doing jobs on the server which you can purchase rewards from https://jrnetwork.net/rewards/ Changed command book for essentials Setup permissions to sort out essentials Added better beds. Now, only 40% of the server needs to sleep before time becomes day. Also Premium + players do not need to do this Premium + users now have access to /god /heal /jumpto, /vanish, /ptime, /repair, /speed, /skull, /hat, /back Use /tpa  to ask for teleportation Players get access to /tptoggle to stop users tping to the, (excluding staff) Updated worldedit plugin Updated jobs plugin Fixed issue with GriefPrevention. Now works for users properly Updated jobs configuration to fix JRCash exploiting Fixed small bugs with JR minecraft <-> website login system Re-added shop chest. You can now sell or buy things from other players by creating shops in survival. Video on how to do this is below. Due to grief prevention:  a player can create shops only in regions where he/she is allowed to open chests.


REND Server Issue (We know)

By Jamie, in News,

New and existing players, please note we are aware of a global bug causing issues on private servers. We are awaiting a game update to fix this issue. This is not a problem with our server only!

Bug is as follows:

First Character on a Server Crashes Server

While we've resolved this issue on the official servers, private servers may find that the first character on a server crashes it. Using the Exit to Desktop button via the ESC menu and restarting the game client resolves this issue. We'll fix it in our next game update.

If the server does crash please notify us in discord so we can take immediate action. #gameserverhelp

All it takes is a simple restart which takes less than 2 minutes and you will be able to join in as normal then. We are sorry that we can not do much more than this till the server software has an update. It's entirely out of our control. We are noticing it does not happen to everyone, but has happened a few times.

JR has jumped ahead of the curve and setup a rend server. Due to current server flaws with the REND server we can not query a REND server for our server list or give an IP to connect as you can not direct connect!
Well how do I connect? 
Easy! Search [EU] JR-Network  in the server browser.
If you have any queries please go to our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net and post in #gameserverhelp


JRCraft 1.13

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

It's time for 1.13
We have been very busy, very very busy. JRCraft 1.13 is now in a beta stage release.
Please note only Survival will be available currently. We are working on creative but unfortunately some components need serious work.
A note on worlds and 1.13
We don't want to loose anyone's world but we also would like to keep our servers stable. Due to breaking changes in 1.13 we have removed the old world... Only joking, all your stuff is safe! BUT we are creating a new 1.13 world and encouraging players to move their stuff on to it. We will be helping with world moves using world edit (when world edit is stable and working correctly with 1.13). The reason we have created a new world is due to the following: 
I want to have a map that isn't going to crash the server Easier access to find new 1.13 content for new members More space for new and old members, a clean map that will encourage server growth N.B Inventories between old and new map are linked so therefore you can move your stuff to the new map.
We are quickly creating a small spawn to tell players in game how to get to the old map, this will change with @bantheif and his new spawn for us
Protecting your stuff is one of major concerns at JRCraft, always has. Unfortunately full world guard functionality is not there currently due to the fact it's still being updated for 1.13. One thing we have done is remove logblock due to incompatibilities instead we have installed CoreProtect so we are able to roll back any griefing or problems.
LWC is currently broken, we are awaiting to see if we can get a update, but it may not be likely due to inactivity of the plugin. We have installed grief prevention but it's not currently working due to worldguard issues. As soon as worldguard is updated you will be able to use Grief Prevention, 
If you do get griefed please report it on our Discord at: https://discord.jrnetwork.net in the #gameserverhelp
A lot of stuff has broken due to 1.13, I know we will get these servers back eventually but please remain patient as things will take a bit of time to get sorted.
Creative has got a plugin refresh and is seemingly working fine now with 1.13. Please note, due to game breaking / world breaking changes which are causing server slow downs we encourage players to use the new Creative world. If you'd like old items transfered from the old map to the new map we will be happy to do this when worldedit is stable.  The new creative world has 256 x 256 plots. You can access this by going to /servers
Please note, we encourage players to only claim the land they need. Unless they need more than one plot (if the plot is full) please do not claim any others. Be fair to other players and to our server!
To claim a plot please do /plot auto
Other changes:
Removal of HUB server and stargates, instead we are switching to a neater solution so you dont have to walk through the portals. 
Instead use /servers a GUI will appear so you can select a server.
New flying plugin will be introduced in the next few days, to add a more survival aspect to our servers people wishing to use fly in survival will have to use coal to fly. Please note premium users and donaters can fly unlimited.
Entire plugin directory has been wiped out so we can clean up our act on the server. 
Choptree is broken, it will be back so you can axe down the entire tree by chopping the bottom block
McMMO and Jobs has been updated but these are experimental builds and may have an issue