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So JR, does quite a few giveaways in discord. We thought that we'd do things a different way. 

Answer one of these questions in the comments correctly and you could win a free game. The first 10 users to comment and get a question right will win. 

Please note, if a question is already answered the prize is claimed from that question! Only one prize can be claimed per person on this particular giveaway.
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Hi guys, 

I have proposed with the staff and community to review the ARK servers to make sure what we are doing is the right thing for our community. Community is everything at JR and it isn't just me who runs the servers, it's your input, the staff who devote so much time to help me code, deploy and work with our servers.


Please view the following topics and answer honestly. Your name won't be recorded on the options you select. So all questions can be answered honestly without criticism. 

We hope you enjoy our servers for the future and you like our transparency on our ARK servers and the ability to add your input. 

The closing date is the 17th of December before we input the changes to our system.
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We have just released our ARK: Aberration server. All our mods and rates remain the same and it's clustered, To connect, click here: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:12321/

If you are new to our ARK servers check out our modpack, rates and more found here: http://arkhub.jrnetwork.net
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Due to a few issues with the Island map it reset, we have moved the old map to a new server instance as new players were playing on the reset map. 

This means the old Island map is on a seperate server and that can be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list/

We are still figuring out the cause of constant wipes, it seems to be a mod, we are trying to figure out what mod though. Leave it with me I'll eventually have it sorted
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Have you tried our Near Vanilla ARK Server? Please post some feedback here!

#JRNetwork #ThePCMasterRace #JRGaming #DedicatedServers #ARK #ARKSE #ARK: Survival Evolved
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We have just launched our new Ragnarok Server. This server aims to have a minimal amount of mods and we want to encourage tribes to work together with each other. The rates are basically the same as our current servers. However we have cut down on the amount of mods to try and attract some of our old players back. Who aren't pleased with all the mods we have installed.

You can connect to the server at: vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27021
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The update has just been released on Steam. I have just told the servers to update. You can read a message from Wildcard here, we get the Otter today. Phoenix later in the week with new tek gear too.

Happy gaming!
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We are currently awaiting for Ark 1.0 to be released on PC.

I have created a special version of a restart script so that we can update as soon as the update arrives.

The update process will go: Ragnarok -> Island -> Scorched Earth -> Center 

No patch notes have been released so far but expected things include new Ice Wyvern model, Otters and the Phoenix 
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Hi everyone, 

we want to gauge everyone's interest in the servers that we currently run and if we should start using any new maps.
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Killing Floor 2 & StarMade Now @ JR
#JRNetwork #ThePCMasterRace #JRGaming #DedicatedServers
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We have updated ARK!
Ark Update v265.3

- Ragnarok map fixes: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/233157-ragnarok-patch-notes/ - Please note that this update is not backwards compatible, so it is very important that Unofficial Servers update to the latest version: 265.3
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Check out these ARK screenshots from Harpik, top class pics!
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It's been a while and I've returned from my dark dank basement with yet more art.
As with last time, because of the time gap I don't want to revive the old thread.

-And here's what I'm doing Right now

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Some awesome pieces of ART from our member SpencerCain
#JRNetwork #ART #JRBlog
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Some amazing ARK screenshots from our member Jonesy. Check them out!
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Testing our social media system with Jamie's RUST Travels
#JRNetwork #ThePCMasterRace #JRGaming #DedicatedServers
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So when I joined JR there was this game on the forums called 'The Three Word Story'

It's where you can respond with 3 words to the person in front of you, and tried making a legitimate story.

I didn't like the 3 word limit, so I extended it to 5!

I'll start!
(I will remove any responses with less than 5 words, delete certain words if greater than, delete anything too inappropriate etc.)

Also no self telling (responding 2x or more in a row)

Oh and at a certain point I will close the topic and type this out as an actual story to read because why not! and post it on the interwebs.
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