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JRCraft - 1.19.4
We have just updated JR Craft to the latest build of 1.19.4, this will help with stability.

We also updated Citizens, DiscordSRV with this build too.
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Minecraft 1.19.4
We are currently building 1.19.4 for JR Craft.

All will be back online shortly! Please bear with us as everything is updated. I will release notes here on what we exactly updated after the update has completed.
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ARK - Gone - Maybe ARK 2?
Hi Guys,

We said we would try ARK again last year, but as of this year Ark was dead on JR. To save resources and money we have killed off our ARK offering, we do not like to do this but if people are not playing we are paying for nothing.

We may bring ARK 2 in the future when released but for now yet again ARK has been removed. 


For any server admins looking to release an ARK server, if you use linux based servers just don't bother. It's not worth the hassle and / or resources.
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JRCraft - Update
Hi guys,

We have carried out the following updates on our Minecraft Server today:

Updated to the latest version of Paper and Waterfall

Updated the following plugins




Venture Chat

Revive Me

Quests Gui


Protocol Lib

Placeholder API


Marriage Master


Libs Disguises

Levelled Mobs


Grief Prevention




Decent Holograms

Citizens Books


Chat Feelings

Better RTP

Fixed a bug with Grief Prevention, error caused by a corrupt file.

Fixed a bug with Protocol Lib, outdated config throwing an error.

Fixed an error with Quests, new configs created

Added 20,000 blocks to the radius of the map. These are currently generating in the background.
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JR - Member Shop
Recently we have setup a new economy, this is allowing us to do many amazing things.

When you play on JR servers you automatically get JRCash (As long as you link your account see here:


You can see a summary of how people are making JR Cash here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/rewards/ 

Now you can also do a few things with your cash (More will be coming soon, such as purchasing game keys, in game rewards and more)

Take a look here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/

We are also currently modifying the look and feel around JR. A new design will be released as soon as possible also. 

More to come


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JR Website - Update
As you may have seen, JR was down for a short amount of time today.

This was to allow for a couple of backend changes to make JR function far better and smoother.

To keep transparency we have changed the following:

Updated to the latest version of PHP 

Updated the website engine (IPB) to the latest version

Disabled old rules and old economy plugin

Updated the JR Servers App to allow for the new economy plugin

Installed the new Economy Plugin

Economy Plugin?

We have a new economy system that we will be bringing cool things to soon !

You can have a quick look at the economy section on the menu. 

You now can see who is getting rewarded by playing on our servers and how you are getting rewarded  

Please note the economy system is a work in progress and all JRCash does not convert to any currency and is currently only earnt by playing on our servers or using the website service. Not all servers are compatible and compatibility is shown on each server by the JR Rewards tick.


You may have noticed the JR Rewards / Cash you received with our previous system has been lost. I am working to resolve this as we have a database backup, we will need to convert and add this to membership balances. You will see this happening in the next week or so.

We are working hard to bring a new look and feel to JR. This will be coming this year in the next month or so. 

Enjoy your new year
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JR Craft Update - 1.19.3
Hi All,

Apologies for the delay, I have just pushed the 1.19.3 update to JRCraft and it will be live very soon. It's currently updating the map and after it will be online

The following plugins have also been updated:























Enjoy the update  
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Server Migration
As some of you gamers may have noticed we have been migrated and performing maintenance to all of our servers to bring them to a new server cluster. 

This new infrastructure will be faster, more reliable and better backups are now in place. 

While our old infrastructure was working fine it was aging and it started to cost more. We will be looking at reducing our IP usage soon as the price of IP Addresses are rising, this will mean some IPs will change. This is to reduce the amount of /30 blocks we currently have to singular IPs instead.

We are also aware of an issue affecting 2 ark servers. All our current server statuses can be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers

Happy Gaming!
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Voting - JRCraft
Show your support! If you love JR vote below  

If you vote you will receive 5 diamonds for each vote!

MineBrowse: https://minebrowse.com/server/771

Planet Minecraft: https://pm.jrcraft.net/

Minecraft Multiplayer: https://mp.jrcraft.net/

MinecraftServers.org: https://ms.jrcraft.net/

TOPG: https://topg.org/minecraft-servers/server-646941

TopMinecraftServers http://topminecraftservers.org/vote/11566

Minecraft.Buzz https://minecraft.buzz/vote/5730
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JRCraft - Updates 1.19.2
We have pushed the latest updates for Minecraft and the following plugins:






This should fix most issues caused by 1.19.2, Please let us know if there is further bugs
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JRCraft Updates
@Chris, @N3RV3 & myself have been busy working around JR to resolve a few issues with our minecraft server JRCraft. We have been running JRCraft since 2011 and as an on going commitment to our community we will be pushing more frequent updates and new features. (watch this space). 

Recent Updates

Updated to 1.19.2.

Updated plugins.

Fixed reports plugin.

Fixed god mode and multiple homes for premium users.

Updated message of the day.

Fixed libs disguises.

Updated information at https://jrcraft.net

Additional Info

Recent update has killed every chat plugin for modded / bukkit minecraft servers. We will update ours when possible.

PVP Toggle has broken due to this update, again this will be updated when possible
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Recent Minecraft Event
It's been a week since the recent minecraft build event we had. I do apologise I've had a lot of personal things happen. Anyway enough about me. Last week we had a great minecraft event. Well done to the winners !

Each user had 2 hours and was given the category hero, which could have been a person, a character or something that is considered legendary for someone.

@Chris with his F1 car with redstone features (Won €20)

@Benjamin Roberts with his hidden knight rider lair with added cars (Won a humble bundle  )

There will be more of these events soon Check out some of the builds:
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Minecraft Build Competition
Join us, for a minecraft build competition. Please see the time on the event for the relative time for your location. 

On the line a 20 Euro / Dollar / Pound steam card for the winner, with runner up prizes available.

Guidelines for the event

Each user has 2 hours to build a structure that relates to the build category. 

No creative mode is to be used, all materials must be mined or gathered within the start of the build

There will be a build area used for this, we will not be flattening land

Judging the competition will be myself, no other staff will be judging as I am allowing them to enter the event. Console will be watched to ensure no staff break rules.

This is a build alone competitions, to be fair to other users, teams are not allowed and will be disqualified. (We will have a team build event)

Users are not able to ask staff for a competitive edge, doing so will disqualify the user

The category will be given on the event start as to ensure users don't prepare for this. 

There will be points given for the following:



Materials used

Use of redstone or other dynamic effects

Event Communication:

Voice comms will be on the event, users may be muted during announcements or periods of high activity temporarily.

For voice comms please join our discord: https://discord.jrnetwork.net 

Winners will be judged directly after the event has taken place.

The winning builds created here may be used within spawn to showcase your build in an awards area.
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Ark - Aberration and Genesis 2 removal
Hi all,

After reviewing our player stats we have taken the decision to remove the Aberration and Genesis 2 servers from the cluster to free up resources for other servers that we want to run. Keep an eye out for announcements on these new servers!

The servers will be removed on July 10th 12PM (midday) BST. Please ensure you have transferred everything off of the servers by this time.

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Minecraft Fun!
Today, we decided to view a few of the members work on the server and also pray at the church of @N3RV3 (as well as take donations from you all !  ). @N3RV3 has done an amazing job at spawn. I have left a few images here but I'd recommend you experience it yourself  



We are going to have a build event next week, with maybe a competition  Watch this space!

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Fjordur & Castle, Keeps, and Forts!
As announced on our Discord we have swapped out Lost Island for Fjordur! This new viking themed map has already proven to be very popular with the community with a lot of people rating it as one of their favourite Ark maps. This new map features many realms and a variety of landmarks and dinos, including Rock Drakes who have remained an Aberration exlusive until now!

Fjordur brings a lot of ruins with it as such we have introduced the Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered mod to allow for a new building style! The mod collection has been updated to reflect this check out the workshop page here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1814953878

I'll see you all in game!
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JR Servers / Levels / Ranks
To continue with our commitment of updating our website and services we have made the following changes and bug fixes. We will be adding more features soon, so keep watch !


New Features

New server page for each server

When you click on each server at (https://jrnetwork.net/servers) it'll have a complete page of information / rules / updates / top players and also a list of online players. This is to make it easier to understand each server and see information easily. We are still adding this information to most servers and will be making it more friendly looking soon.

Top players this month

This used to be the top players this month by server. This has changed to show top players over all our games. Please note you will only gather this data or show this data when you connect your steam / minecraft account to JR. Please note also your privacy settings on steam also need to allow this.


Bug fixes

Fixed bugs with some SQL queries causing big load

Stopped reward transactions for users that did not have a registered account
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Minecraft 1.19 Bugfixes
We have pushed a few bug fixes to our minecraft server and updated to the latest build

You can now chat again within the server, there was a bug with our chat plugin that was just patched.

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Minecraft 1.19
I finally have had a chance to upgrade us to 1.19, please note that there are some bugs we are aware of. 

Main issues:

Dynmap while working is not fully compatible

Our chat plugin is broken currently and we are awaiting an update for 1.19


A big thanks to everyone who joined us last night, we can't wait to play again soon. We will be scheduling another community event for next week to continue the build out of spawn
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7 Days To Die - The Slaughter Continues!
For those who've been joining us for these events, we will be gathering again to prepare for the next Blood Moon and maybe die a couple more times in the process


For everyone else who would love to join us, you are welcome to do so. We have armour and gear stored up so do not worry you won't be behind anyone at all. 


The plan is to proceed in upgrading the base further and gather more materials before the next Blood Moon which will be crazy this time around.


If you have any questions feel free to ask & if you require any assistance we will be there to help out. As long as everyones has a good time there is nothing to worry about! I hope to see you guys there! Let's see how well we manage this time around!


Don't forget to RSVP!
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Ark: Survival Evolved - Crystal Isles
Hello everyone!


We are gathering on Crystal Isles again to continue building our currently small village and expanding further!


We found a nice and safe spot to build at, with a good amount of space so that everyone can freely build at their hearts content. For those who are interested, the adventure contiues, so we hope to see you there. Don't worry about transportation. There is a teleport pad which can be used and for those who do not have anything, we can always come pick you up!


If anyone doesn't like building or requires any assistance, just feel free to ask. You can always team up with others as well. There's already a decent sized base which can be used by multiples.


Hope to see you there! Don't forget to RSVP!
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Minecraft! The Family Rerturns!
Hello everyone!!


It's been a long time since we gathered on Minecraft and did anything together, as such, we are taking this opportunity to gather up and play some more together.


The idea is to find a location, and everyone builds their own base close together in order to start creating a village. For those who hate building or do not feel comfortable doing so, you can always team up with someone. Any locations, ideas, etc will always be appreciated.


In the end, the important thing is that everyone has fun. If anyone has any feedback, plese feel free to comment and let us know.


We hope to see you soon!! Don't forget to RSVP!

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Games & Servers!
When it comes to games everyone has their own style and preference and thankfully new games keep coming out to satisfy our need for gaming and relaxation.

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7 Days To Die
And the fight for survival goes on!


The third 7 days to die event is here. It's been a success so far. let's keep it this way!


Come join us on our continuous adventure and struggle for survival. It's been one hell of ride these past events. Do not miss out on our craziness. It's getting more interesting and funny as we advance further.


Don't forget to RSVP! 
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💥 Another day, another chance to fight off zombies! 💥

Come join us on our second 7 days to die event, it was such a blast last time so we decided to host yet another event, this weekend! RSVP ASAP 🥳


- Time on the event is custom to what time zone you are in, so no need to convert them.
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