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JR Gaming Ark Cluster - 4 New Maps
We are happy to announce that our we are expanding the Ark Cluster to include 4 additional maps, we have been working hard to bring these servers to you. Please keep in mind that we are still in our beta testing stage for the cluster, any and all feedback is welcome. During the course of the beta test please expect changes to be made rapidly based upon player feedback, the goal here is to make a balanced and consistent experience. We will be carrying the maps over from the beta test into the full release of the server, so play as much as you want!

New maps

The new maps we have added as follows:


Lost Island

Genesis 2

Crystal Isles

Mod Changes

With the introduction of Genesis 2 to the cluster we have removed the Cross-Genesis 2 mod from the cluster.

Connection details:

To find the connection details for the servers please head on over to our servers list!


Feedback and Ideas

If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve or change the server you can do so via our new ideas section of the website available here: 


The new ideas section allows you to submit and vote on ideas that you believe would be beneficial to the game servers. We will also be updating the status of any ideas so that you can see where they are in our implementation pipeline. 
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JR Gaming Ark Cluster – Beta Test
We are happy to announce that our brand-new Ark Cluster is now open for beta testing, we have been working hard to bring these servers to you. The idea behind this beta test is to find any issues that might remain in the server setup, we are open to feedback from everyone.
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JRCraft 1.18.1 - Updates
We have been working on recent updates to plugins to ensure JR is working correctly and better than ever.

Today and yesterday I have done the following:

Updated community bridge to get ranks to sync - credit to @TeOzFrAnK (Thanks mate)

Updated Xconomy

Updated Dynmap

Installed a plugin to reset the end on every server restart

Updated to latest version of Paper

Added a new TabList, I must play with this so be warned it's not complete.

Fixed issue with random teleportation plugin /rtp
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JRCraft 1.18.1
We have updated JRCraft to the latest Java Minecraft 1.18.1, Please note the software is in beta, we do have saving every 5 minutes so in the event of a crash the map should be safe.

Please join us at: play.jrcraft.net:25565

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JR ARK - It's back ;)
After a big absence welcome back JR ARK !

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game with dinosaurs.

Going to join us?


New server and map as of this post, please bear with us as we tweak the server to improve it for all.

IP is: r2d2.jrnetwork.net:27015


Mod list for our ARK server chosen by our admin Emma ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...


Need help? Join us here and ask in our community forum here: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/

Need urgent help? Discord us at https://discord.jrnetwork.net
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Discord - How to Join and News
Due to the recent spam we have disabled normal users to create invite links on JR, If you want a friend to join JR Discord please get them to go to https://discord.jrnetwork.net

While they are required to sign up to the JR website this will stop a lot of this silly advertising DM spam we are getting. 

We recommend not doing this back to the server in question that is causing this spam, we just want the spam to stop and NOT to cause a war between communities.

Also don't forget we are still here, While our website is not as active our Discord is always busy. I watch the website on a daily basis if an issue comes up but if you want a quicker response our Discord chat may get you a community member quicker.


Enjoy your gaming, Game On!

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JR has started to host Valheim servers for our members. So far our main Valheim server has been rather popular, due to the small size of the servers we will be setting up a few more for our community.

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Updates to JRCraft
Sorry it's been nearly a week without an update.

I have done the following this morning thanks to suggestions from users:

Updated Jobs

Updated DailyRewards System

Updated Economy Plugin

You can now buy claim blocks. Each block will cost 20 JRCash (minecraft)

Bag of gold is not used anymore for killing mobs, you instantly get money in to your account.

Installed marriage plugin. You can now marry players in game

Installed feelings plugin, /feelings

Updated TAB List with changes

Removed Rank from tab list as it wasn't working

Updated PaperSpigot

Updated Waterfall

If you have any suggestions please suggest them here http://suggest.jrnetwork.net/
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We once started working on Quests years ago, but this never surfaced. Contrary to that we now have started working on quests which you can find around spawn. Only a few are setup due to testing, but it's something we are working on.

Test out quests by starting at /spawn ! 

In the last few days the following updates have taken place:

Updated Spigot and Waterfall

Installed Quests, Quests GUI

Changed the way mob's are leveling, they now become harder as you leave spawn.

Updated additional plugins we use.

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JRCraft Feature Update
New Features:

You can now revive players by holding shift when they get damaged

Bees, Bees, Bees - Right click a bee and a GUI will show with new information and abilities ! 

Friends system. Do you have a friend? Then add him using /friends 

Mobs now have levels. Gone are your basic mobs! BEWARE they can be dangerous!


Fixed the following issues:

Chat not functioning correctly, we have switched from MultiChat to VentureChat due to our server setup

Fixed issue with messaging, you can now PM other players as normal

MobHealth not showing correctly.

Fixed broken things within the mob arena

Changed mob arena classes slightly

Moved friends head in the inventory area 9 so you can manage your friends.

Disabled mobrewards message while playing in mobarena spamming you saying you cant get mob rewards in mobarena

Changed chat colors to white for normal global chat
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MobArena Returns!
Guess what! We have just re-released mob arena. A big shout out to The original Collessum creator (its an old JR build) Bluemoonredsun and Nerve for helping to pull this off.

Take a look at /warp mobarena to play  

Mob arena is back!

Spawn work was undertaken today

You can now switch off PVP if you do not want to fight with the community (PVP is off by default to switch it on do /pvp) PVP will automatically switch on when you enter duel arenas. Please note there is a cooldown, if you switch on PVP you will need to wait 60 seconds to switch it off, this is to prevent misuse of the command.

Red nametags now show you who has PVP on

Updated Placeholder API
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Minecraft Updates
Hi Guys,

Just a few updates to fix a few bugs:

Updated XConomy

Disabled player mention

Updated Multichat

Updated MoreOres

Updated mcMMO

Updated Litebans

Updated LibsDisguises

Updated HomeGUI

Updated HoloMobs Health

Updated RewardsPro

Updated PaperSpigot to the latest version

Changed bungeecord to use Waterfall instead

We will be looking at more features shortly to keep you entertained  
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PVP Arena  & More Updates
Big update today guys, hope you enjoy it please see the following update log:
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JR Craft update
Just a quick update!

The following was done today
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JRCraft Update
Hi Guys,

Just a quick one today. I have done the following to hopefully improve server performance:
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JRCraft Update
JR has had Minecraft for a long time and it's needed some love. We are focused on survival and to bring you the best experience possible. If you haven't joined us before join us at: play.jrcraft.net using the java build of minecraft ❤️ 
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Team Fortress 2 MVM
Due to the continued success of our MVM TF2 server we have setup a second server so more players can get in on the action.

While looking at stats I can see that nearly every day the server becomes full. I have also noticed on the logs that during these times people attempt to join the servers while full.

As of this article and posting the server 2 minutes ago, the new server is nearly full already:


Hopefully this helps! You can see all our servers at https://servers.jrnetwork.net/ If we see more demand for TF2 we will boot up more servers.


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Servers List, Website and Minecraft
A few updates have been happening as you may have seen recently.

I'll run through them quickly so you are aware of everything that has happened:

New look: This was supposed to be released some time this year after I had finished development, due to issues with our forum on our old theme I had no choice but to switch to the new look. This new look is still under construction so be aware things may change or be buggy during this time.

Mobile: If you noticed mobile was messing around and looked terrible this has been resolved now.

Server list: We have removed unused servers on our server list during our tidy up. This also required a reset of player stats. Next time this happens we will not have to reset player stats but unfortunately due to a bug on our servers list / app this was required.

Clans: We have changed clubs to become clans. This allows you to create a group / community within our JR community, you can create a blog / news feed / a community discussion / gallery and more. Soon there will be support for paid for clans where community members can purchase a membership to keep your clan running smoothly. Check it out here: https://jrnetwork.net/clubs/

Dev updates on website: These update logs will be posted when ever I get a chance and are public. You can find dev updates on the dev blog listed here: 

Minecraft updates: I have just enabled dynmap found here: http://quigon.jrnetwork.net:1888/ This is to showcase our communitys progress on the minecraft server. More updates will happen soon to minecraft, we have not forgotten one of our many roots.


There will be more information soon, including new prizes, events and more servers. We are JR, we are still standing, we will game on together.
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Mobile Development
Due to the quick change of theme, (as we were having multiple issues with the old theme been out of date and not compatiable with new code) we have had multiple bug reports submitted with our mobile site.
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Discord Integration!
We have finally got complete discord integration on JR.
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Recent Development
I haven't posted much in this blog in recent time. But now due to many changes around JR I feel we must.

Currently I have been focusing on the way we work, read here for more info.
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We haven't left you behind ....
Don't worry folks we are still here!

Apologies it's been a while, things have got busy and we haven't had much time for some changes.


Well there will be some change around here soon, be prepared for updates and more stuff soon. 

Any ideas? PM me, I'm listening  
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Due to many issues with the ARK server software, server usage and the constant hand holding ARK requires I am sad to announce we have discontinued ARK for other future projects.

As a team we want to provide you good gaming servers that run correctly without us having to intervene and fix things all the time. We run linux servers and ARK's server does not work well with linux and it won't ever due to the way Wildcard is.

I'm sorry that we have to close ARK like this but it's not worth the amount of money we are putting in for hosting the servers.

Expect different servers to take over ARK!
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24/07/2019 tf2 event - winner
I would like to thank all those who joined in for the event. It was definitely a blast. All that craziness, confusion and laughter, I'm definitely going to be looking for more of that. 


Now as promised I did say that the best would get rewarded, as such I'd like to announce that the winner for this event is @Drake,Spyshit06.

Played well with every single class, both offensively & defensively, was capable of pushing forward and assisting his team, while having fun with the rest of us.


Thanks again & Congrats.
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Hey all, 

I just wanted to make a short post to update you all that although it may seem that most items have been lost in ARK, don't worry! we're currently working to resolve this. 

It seems that following from the recent Ark update, all server configurations have been wiped. However, we do have backups and will be reloading these later this evening. Until then, the server has been closed.


Sorry for the inconvenience which this has caused and we'll update you once this has been resolved!
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