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We haven't left you behind ....
Don't worry folks we are still here!

Apologies it's been a while, things have got busy and we haven't had much time for some changes.


Well there will be some change around here soon, be prepared for updates and more stuff soon. 

Any ideas? PM me, I'm listening  
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Due to many issues with the ARK server software, server usage and the constant hand holding ARK requires I am sad to announce we have discontinued ARK for other future projects.

As a team we want to provide you good gaming servers that run correctly without us having to intervene and fix things all the time. We run linux servers and ARK's server does not work well with linux and it won't ever due to the way Wildcard is.

I'm sorry that we have to close ARK like this but it's not worth the amount of money we are putting in for hosting the servers.

Expect different servers to take over ARK!
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24/07/2019 tf2 event - winner
I would like to thank all those who joined in for the event. It was definitely a blast. All that craziness, confusion and laughter, I'm definitely going to be looking for more of that. 


Now as promised I did say that the best would get rewarded, as such I'd like to announce that the winner for this event is @Drake,Spyshit06.

Played well with every single class, both offensively & defensively, was capable of pushing forward and assisting his team, while having fun with the rest of us.


Thanks again & Congrats.
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Hey all, 

I just wanted to make a short post to update you all that although it may seem that most items have been lost in ARK, don't worry! we're currently working to resolve this. 

It seems that following from the recent Ark update, all server configurations have been wiped. However, we do have backups and will be reloading these later this evening. Until then, the server has been closed.


Sorry for the inconvenience which this has caused and we'll update you once this has been resolved!
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Latest JR ARK Update
We heard, we listened to all the comments about our recent ARK update, it was great to play ARK with you and I'll be on for an hour or so after this post.
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Changes To ARK
We are making some major changes to our ARK servers, please understand what we have done is for the best of our servers and to bring new users in to JR.
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Recent Events at Conan
Conan has been growing and attracting new players, which we are very happy about.

A couple of things have come up and we need to outline a few rules about the server. Just a note in relation to the server game type, we are making the server PVE. We did have PVE Conflict but we have agreed for the mean time to make it just PVE. In the future when the server grows we might have conflict days where we fight against each other as a community.

Have you played on our server yet? If not join us here: https://servers.jrnetwork.net/


All rules / guidelines specific to Conan will be located here and will be available soon:


Please note all JR rules apply to every service we run, you can find these rules here:

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Recent Updates to ARK
Due to popular demand I have changed the following settings on ARK:

Player Levels now total 185 max 

Dino Levels now total 328 max

Taming Rate is now 3x

Difficulty has been raised slightly

Due to increased player levels engram points have been altered slightly. You may have more / less points than when you logged in last.

We are looking at 1 decoration mod only, please check this post for more information. 


We have not added / edited any mods with this update.

We hope you enjoy the changes.

New ARK Servers
Hi Guys,

As of this post: 

We have chatted with the community and we have been working to create a better server. (AS frosty says, tirelessly through the night) - at this moment we are chatting on discord.

A few things to note about the new servers:

Clustering - Is in beta but working, Please note if when you transfer and your survivor doesn't show right away give it 30 seconds and try and download again.

We have installed the following mods to begin with, we will add mod's through suggestions as previously, BUT we will be going through all bug reports and will be checking better to see if any conflicts exist so we do not have an issue with the map as previously.

Structures Plus

Death Recovery Mod

Taming Sedative


We have also updated our mod pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400

Stacking Mod - We have left this out currently due to the fact we can not find a mod without any issues reported. If you can help find a working / better mod let us know

Classic Flyers - WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED THIS YET. Due to the following bug reports: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/895711211/133261369999910543/ If the community still wants to go ahead and install classic flyers please say below, we just don't want to cause any issues to dinos by installing the mod. Please read the bug reports to see if installing it will affect your game experience.

Levelling - Is standard currently, a few reasons to this, I do not want to copy our badly designed level structure, if we are editing levels we need to make the levelling structure better and more balanced than before. 

Dino Levels - Are standard currently due to the fact normal levelling is in place. I'm sure this will change in time

GAIA - For the next week or so this is disabled till I can properly review this. We may continue it, we may remove it. Depends what people want. It's a hefty weight to our server resources but I do not mind keeping it but we will be doing the same but adding GAIA on as well as the other mods chosen.

We want to provide the most stable experience in ARK and we really hope you understand why we have only selected certain mods to begin with. We will be adding more but at the same time we want to ensure that it doesn't cause us another issue like before.
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On a seligh ride through the month, we're now at the 8th of December already and today marks 8 gifts that have been given away

06/12/2018 = @heaven - DiRT 4 

07/12/2018 = xJake7 (Discord) - Sniper Elite

08/12/2018 = @lumingwolf - Sonic Adventure 2

Keep watch for our continued giveaway this December! Want to be involved? All you have to do is either post on our website or chat in our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net/.

More active users get a higher chance of winning. A member can only win once in this giveaway. Members are picked at random.
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Advent Calendar Winners 4th - 5th
Continuing our christmas event of literally just giving free games out I can confirm the following winners

Caz_wind (Discord) - Forts

@Cythion  - Hard Reset Redux

Keep watch for our continued giveaway this December! Want to be involved? All you have to do is either post on our website or chat in our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net/ More active users get a higher chance of winning. A member can only win once in this giveaway. Members are picked at random.
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JR Advent Winner - December 3rd 2018.
Hello and Good evening once again fellow JR Members!


That time has come, has come again. To conclude our 3rd day of the JR Advent event I would like to give a jingle or two for our winner @MarcusFaren


I can confirm that you've won a copy of " 7 Days to Die " which can be redeemed on Steam. I've also sent you a message to confirm this.


Thanks again for joining us here at JR and hopefully you enjoy your gift. 
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Advent Winners December 1st and 2nd
Good evening JR Members.

The time for giving has come again and as a result of this years advent event here at JR, we're now 2 day''s in and what does that mean you may be asking?.... Well good ole frosty clause tell you just what that means!

If you haven't guessed already it means we have two prizes ready to place under the lucky winners trees this year. 

Prize number 1 ( 2x Overwatch loot boxes) goes too @Snowball - Congratulations Snowball, i hope you enjoy your gifts and get something great in your boxes

Prize number 2 = Dead space (steam or origin redeemable) - Goes too @SLABJACK Congratulations Slabjack!, Grab your blanket, a warm beverage and your prefferred weapon of choice as it's going to be a night of terror for you! 

Off to a great start this December and remember, gifts will be provided each day up until the 25th of December here at JR so stay tuned, you may find that your name is called next.
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JR is looking for helpers!
JR is looking to recruit some more helpers. We currently do not have any helpers as Sophie and Jammeh were promoted up to moderator. All information you need regarding Helper Applications can be found in the forum here https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/457-helper-applications/
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Hi everyone,

Coming to you with a rather sad news update. JR is currently facing finnicial difficulties and we don't have long until we have to pay our server fees for the month (tomorrow). Jamie has had to pay a rather large sum of money this month to have his car repaired which wouldn't be an issue on it's own. However after picking his car up from the garage where it was being repaired, he has rear ended by someone more interested using his phone than paying attention to the road. Currently this person has not provided Jamie with his insurance details, meaning Jamie currently doesn't know what is going to happen and he may have to seek legal action, which in itself can be quite expensive. Even if you can't donate much to help us out it is greatly appreciated, as without these donations JR won't be able to pay for our servers this month and have to shut down. We are asking for any money that you can spare. We do not like asking for your money, but this is a critical time for us.

Anyone who donates anything will recieve an additional 5000 JR cash regardless of how much or how little you can help! We appreciate anything you can spare.

Anyone who donates between 5 and 29.99 Euro will recieve JR premium for 6 months

Anyone who donates between 30 and 59.99 Euro will recieve JR premium for 12 months

Anyone who donates 60 Euro or over will recieve JR Premium for 2 years.


We thank you all for reading this

The JR Staff Team
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Unfortunately one of the mod authors we used has removed all his mods from the workshop. As such we are no longer able to use the "DLC Engrams Everywhere mod". For Aberration engrams we already have the cross aberration mod so that is not an issue. For Scorched Earth we are currently testing this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937164220

If you encounter any issues with this mod please let us know so we can look into it ^.^

I have put this mod on all servers, it shouldn't affect spawns on Gaia as far as I'm aware.
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For this weekend only, cdkeys.com is offering great savings on money games with discounts that go as high as 94% off! Lots of stuff is on sale for this weekend only!! Lots of new titles are included in this sale with Monster Hunter World getting a discount of 40% off! https://www.cdkeys.com/sale?mw_aref=JRNetwork

PES 2019 PC is also currently 51% off at CDKeys, cheaper than anywhere else and it includes all DLC! https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/pro-evolution-soccer-pes-2019-pc-steam-cd-key?mw_aref=JRNetwork

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Please read here if you play our gameservers
JR runs so many servers now at this stage, unfortunately for us this comes with a price. 

Money yes

Tons of resources yeah, that too

Managing servers are the hardest part

While we monitor our servers and keep backup's for 5 days of maps at a time if we are not advised there is a problem with a game server we may not find out till it's too late

Why 5 days? Because of resources, we can not financially hold more backups than this due to space constraints.

Just a note here before I continue. Don't assume a problem has been reported, if you have an issue with our servers REPORT IT! IF we are not told in time it may be too late.

What to do if there is a issue with a server?

Visit our Help Centre found here; https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/

Report the issue with either a official support ticket / community help forum post. 

You can also notify us in #gameserverhelp on discord!

Recently players have only PMed me issues, this will not do! Unfortunately I am not around 24/7 this is why I have staff to help. If you only message me privately staff are not informed and can not take action.

We have staff for a reason, please follow proper procedure if an error occurs, a server goes down, or if the map is lost.


The Ark Island Server
In relation to this The Island map has been reset and there is no way back. On trying to revert a back up the earliest I had was the 12th. Which didn't contain users builds etc. I hate to turn round and tell users there is no way to get their stuff back. 

This is caused due to Structures plus. EVERY TIME it updates it causes a map issue like this and there is nothing I can do but revert the map backup which fixes the issue.
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Minecraft Community Build
We will be holding a community event in Minecraft today, please join in with the fun!

Plans today:

Work on community town

Finish Admin shop within town

Everyone welcome to join, also please join our discord session while we play:


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JRCraft Updates
We have updated the JRCraft Survival server as shown below:

Updated spigot to latest version

JRCash integration. Use JR Cash made from posting in the forum or playing on different servers within JRCraft. Earn JR Cash by doing jobs on the server which you can purchase rewards from https://jrnetwork.net/rewards/

Changed command book for essentials

Setup permissions to sort out essentials

Added better beds. Now, only 40% of the server needs to sleep before time becomes day. Also Premium + players do not need to do this

Premium + users now have access to /god /heal /jumpto, /vanish, /ptime, /repair, /speed, /skull, /hat, /back

Use /tpa  to ask for teleportation

Players get access to /tptoggle to stop users tping to the, (excluding staff)

Updated worldedit plugin

Updated jobs plugin

Fixed issue with GriefPrevention. Now works for users properly

Updated jobs configuration to fix JRCash exploiting

Fixed small bugs with JR minecraft <-> website login system

Re-added shop chest. You can now sell or buy things from other players by creating shops in survival. Video on how to do this is below. Due to grief prevention:  a player can create shops only in regions where he/she is allowed to open chests.
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REND Server - WE have one!
JR has jumped ahead of the curve and setup a rend server. Due to current server flaws with the REND server we can not query a REND server for our server list or give an IP to connect as you can not direct connect!

Well how do I connect? 

Easy! Search Rend @ JR in the server browser.

If you have any queries please go to our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net and post in #gameserverhelp
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Jr rewards - first drop
Play on JR Servers, earn JR cash and claim games. New games available. To take a look at what you can get go here: http://bit.ly/2u4undL
#JRNetwork #ThePCMasterRace #JRGaming #DedicatedServers #FreeGames #PlayToPay
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JRCraft 1.13
It's time for 1.13

We have been very busy, very very busy. JRCraft 1.13 is now in a beta stage release.

Please note only Survival will be available currently. We are working on creative but unfortunately some components need serious work.

A note on worlds and 1.13

We don't want to loose anyone's world but we also would like to keep our servers stable. Due to breaking changes in 1.13 we have removed the old world... Only joking, all your stuff is safe! BUT we are creating a new 1.13 world and encouraging players to move their stuff on to it. We will be helping with world moves using world edit (when world edit is stable and working correctly with 1.13). The reason we have created a new world is due to the following: 

I want to have a map that isn't going to crash the server

Easier access to find new 1.13 content for new members

More space for new and old members, a clean map that will encourage server growth

N.B Inventories between old and new map are linked so therefore you can move your stuff to the new map.

We are quickly creating a small spawn to tell players in game how to get to the old map, this will change with @bantheif and his new spawn for us


Protecting your stuff is one of major concerns at JRCraft, always has. Unfortunately full world guard functionality is not there currently due to the fact it's still being updated for 1.13. One thing we have done is remove logblock due to incompatibilities instead we have installed CoreProtect so we are able to roll back any griefing or problems.

LWC is currently broken, we are awaiting to see if we can get a update, but it may not be likely due to inactivity of the plugin. We have installed grief prevention but it's not currently working due to worldguard issues. As soon as worldguard is updated you will be able to use Grief Prevention, 

If you do get griefed please report it on our Discord at: https://discord.jrnetwork.net in the #gameserverhelp

Creative and Minigames

A lot of stuff has broken due to 1.13, I know we will get these servers back eventually but please remain patient as things will take a bit of time to get sorted.

Other changes:

Removal of HUB server and stargates, instead we are switching to a neater solution so you dont have to walk through the portals. 
Instead use /servers a GUI will appear so you can select a server.

New flying plugin will be introduced in the next few days, to add a more survival aspect to our servers people wishing to use fly in survival will have to use coal to fly. Please note premium users and donaters can fly unlimited.

Entire plugin directory has been wiped out so we can clean up our act on the server. 

Choptree is broken, it will be back so you can axe down the entire tree by chopping the bottom block

McMMO and Jobs has been updated but these are experimental builds and may have an issue

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Hi everyone,

following the release of minecraft 1.13 I think it is best to let everyone know what is going on with updating JRCraft to minecraft 1.13. This update is one massive update, it is the same as minecraft going from version 1.8 to 1.12 in one update (basically all updates between 1.8 and 1.12 being released as one mega update). It contains a lot of changes to the game and the game server, which requires a lot of effort from the guys working on Spigot.

What do we know already?

Spigot has some early builds available for 1.13 but we aren't going to use these as they are experimental and more for plugin developers to update their plugins and for developers in the community to help write the code for the server software

1.13 changes the way some plugins have to interact with the server, as a result we may see some plugins not be updated for a long while
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JR Exiles - Conan joins JR Network!
(War Paint crosses face)

Welcome fellow adventurers!

Barbaric times are ahead of us all, You called? We heard your requests and from this something knew is upon us and we are delighted to announce that Conan Exiles has now been added to our server list which can be connected to via the direct address of " ".

A new sub forum is in the works to house all conan related discussion and updates which will be located via the following link"https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/394-gaming-servers/" and we currently have added our server rates to our Wiki address which can be located here > "https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/conan-exiles/".

If you guys have any requests for adding to the server let us know and we will take into consideration what is highlighted.

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