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Why are we here
Some awesome pieces of ART from our member SpencerCain
#JRNetwork #ART #JRBlog
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Some amazing ARK screenshots from our member Jonesy. Check them out!
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Testing our social media system with Jamie's RUST Travels
#JRNetwork #ThePCMasterRace #JRGaming #DedicatedServers
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5 word story (reboot)
So when I joined JR there was this game on the forums called 'The Three Word Story'

It's where you can respond with 3 words to the person in front of you, and tried making a legitimate story.

I didn't like the 3 word limit, so I extended it to 5!

I'll start!
(I will remove any responses with less than 5 words, delete certain words if greater than, delete anything too inappropriate etc.)

Also no self telling (responding 2x or more in a row)

Oh and at a certain point I will close the topic and type this out as an actual story to read because why not! and post it on the interwebs.
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