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    Games And IgbarX Is An Alien!

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  1. So maybe we can make this happen and the Building Team and Build Clan can work together and build the map(s) for the Slender Game and if we have Plugin makers we can make a plugin(s) for the Game. Man, if this happens I will be so proud of myself :')
  2. What is the Slender Games? Well it's like The Hunger Games but one person is Slender. There will be 23 people (24 counting Slender) and 1 will be picked from the group to be Slender. The map can be in a forest, a haunted mansion, an abandon warehouse, or even an abandon Airport! Slender will have an Invisibility Potion and a Night vision Potion. The rest of us will have torches (10+). We could even add sounds like the "Boom" thing and stuff. It will be scary AND epic! Just try not to pee your pants
  3. Halo 4. Why? Better Graphics, Better Guns,Better Storyline, Better Multiplayer (Spartan Ops, Flood, Grifball) and the BEST EASTER EGGS EVA
  4. chrisced

    Chriscedmau5 - Smexy n Stuff

    Stuff that no one gives a shi- spirit about
  5. chrisced

    The New JR

    Still trying to find the cookie monster xD
  6. Now that it's Christmas Break, I will be able to play Minecraft alot often than before

  7. This has nothing to do with the topic but how do you put pictures/words under the comment you made? (Like when Samac3 comments he has a picture of his Xbox Live Avatar under the comment he made) and also I think this topic is a pretty good idea. I might put some screenshots for the montage and I know a GREAT song for the video: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
  8. chrisced

    Recent Changes

    Halo eh? Well I'm for the Halo 4 Clan and maybe we can play the campaign on Legendary together?
  9. Can you make it in Creative? I'm thinking of making it in Survival though.
  10. Next time build your PSY statue and your tower farther away from my arcade.. and btw, the tower is amazing but My statue is better! :P

  11. @Peter Can you send me a link of the download link for MineCinema?
  12. Party Rock In Gangnam (PSY X LMFAO X LIL JON X LIL WAYNE)

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