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  1. M3pc55

    Pyland City

    Pictures of Pyland City Build Transfer
  2. I hate floaters as much as everyone else, but now floating houses!
  3. M3pc55


    Floating objects found on JR
  4. It was 113 F yesterday (45 C for the confused) 318 Kelvin (for Antony)
  5. I like the idea of tasks, but wasn't the point to show loyalty to JR? I feel like these would take a day or two to complete. Also, if there are tasks that need to be done in minecraft, how would TF2 only players complete them? Jamie made Citizen+ so people would be active in the JR community. I would like to see: -Tasks(for those who don't play minecraft) -In-game time(so new people can't get higher ranks quickly) -Posts/Votes from members(for being an active member in the JR community) 2 of the 3 would be needed to rank up.
  6. Great idea! Instead of 1 week or 1 month, could in game time be used?
  7. This is brilliant! Just be sure to keep the prizes small.
  8. Congrats everyone! Hard work pays off.
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