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  1. Hey guys, no idea if anybody checks this anymore but if they do, hey, I'm still around, thanks for all the great times all those years ago. It's really great to look back on, I miss you all and thanks for the memories!

    1. Jamie


      Hey long time no speak. We are still around. Pm me and we can have a chat :) hope all is okay with you :)

  2. Sounds great, can't wait to see the benefits of you being back Jamie! I hope we've kept the place tidy enough for you
  3. I'll take Hitman: Blood Money if it's still up for grabs ----- Oooooooo bonus game?! AWESHUM!
  4. A hand blender? Literally, a blender that blends hands
  5. These are really good, could you make me a Naval Commander I wanna see if it's better than my one
  6. ~1) What game on the forums do I hold the highest record in? One of them. ~2) What is my favorite Forum Fun topic? (As in what forum game, since I forgot random thoughts is there now >.<) Ermmmmmm.... *3) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 42. ~4) Who was my first JR friend? Callum? ~5) Am I the youngest JR Admin? If not who is? Nope, that'd be Chris. *6) What kind of pony would a handsome rich man buy? What would it's name be? They wouldn't, don't be silly... They'd buy a Gnome called Luke xD ~7) What was the name of my event last year? Armdy-geddon. *~8) End Cancer or End Poverty? Neither, end Gnome abuse in the western world. ~9)What game do I currently play the most? I have no idea what so ever. ~10) Where in the world do I want to go most? My bed.
  7. @RockMelons what about me? *cries in corner*
  8. Nothing new, I'll carry on building my map seeing as I have a bat cave kind of area on there xD
  9. I'm pretty sure my record is 17, I used to post a lot
  10. Welcome back to JR, hope you had a good holiday
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