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  1. Ban appeal

    Thank you!
  2. Ban appeal

    Thank you.
  3. Nice knowing you all Bye

  4. Happy Birthday Kevin :D!

    Happy Birthday
  5. We Will Not Go Down by Michael Heart

    I love it! I'm not familiar with the artist,Now I love him!
  6. Tim Has Stepped Down

    See ya Tim great knowing you hope you enjoy your time in the airforce!
  7. I am resigning my position as Admin.

    Guys lets leave the grammer? I hope you enjoyed being an admin Jugga Wugga for now all I can say is have a great time on the server
  8. CES

    I love the tablet!
  9. Namco Games - Which one's your favorite?

    We love violent games
  10. Namco Games - Which one's your favorite?

    Tekken is always going to be number 1! Its a family game which has memories. The game is pretty nice but tekken 6 was crap tekken tag tournament 2 is a improvement!
  11. Millipede Song

    I am terrified of the song....did no one get a feeling their head was being brain washed?
  12. NLTekkit

    Feed the beast better be easy as I'm only just starting to get the hang of tekkit -_-XD
  13. Web Auction

    That is there choice.I think admin shops are still here or even something better?
  14. What to look forward to in 2013

    Don't care what you say I will not look at all those bloody trailers!!! XD TOO MUCH!

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