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  1. Nice to see my best friend is still remembered around here. I know what and why it happened and you all just shrug it off. He was trying to help you from a business point of view he's very succesful with his business at school (consumer based project). Chris doesn't really care any more you all took it badly so he trolled you. You do not know Chris and you never did. It's funny to see you all reacting to this. And the fact that no one was alarmed by you know the most dedicated staff members leaving? It's funny isn't it how when someone who doesn't do the job properly resigns and everyone loves them but no if some dedicated staff leave because they don't like it anymore they get banned. Sgt_Wilkie shocking Jamie was just something he wanted to do before he left
  2. I was camping and on the way back got bored so listened to Dragonforce
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