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    I will update this later, but in short, i have been inactive, mostly for health reasons, that i will most likely make a blog or update this with :P

    - Jack

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  1. Was actually excited until i saw this.. ^^^ - Jack
  2. May i Join the council as well (If i am allowed ) - Jack
  3. I think having cops and robbers would be awesome - Jack
  4. Just a comment, overclockers may not like you hotlinking their images, but i guess its fine banwidth isn't free xD - Jack
  5. Would be pretty awesome, but they release it exspecting people to have good connections -,-
  6. Does everyone play League of Legends? O.o - Jack
  7. Nice Idea, Also with the fact that i have got into League of Legends recently as well Summoner Name - IH8Sn0wFal - Jack
  8. Jack_Keeley

    Curse Voice

    Can i have a key? O.o - Jack
  9. Too many memories to count, but all i can say, is i miss the old days - Jack
  10. If this is a pvp even then it wouldn't be fair for us US players, (i lag ) -Jack
  11. I will forever be amazed at this answer...
  12. Jack_Keeley

    Wallpapers :D

    Some wallpapers i like
  13. Well, i might as well post my desk xD its not the cleanest or the most awesome, but whatever My Router/Mouse Router - Asus RT-AC66R - http://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RTAC66R (I Love this Thing.. xD) Mouse - Rat3 Gaming Mouse - http://www.cyborggaming.com/prod/rat3.htm (Awesome...) My Xbox and Second Monitor, Along with my Reviews to study for Final Exams :/ Old Picture, when i had it cleaned up My Full Desk My Macbook Running Bootcamp
  14. The fact, that in a month i can celebrate Christmas Break, and not have to call it "Holiday Break" - Jack
  15. I can agree to this, every server lags for me, specially rpg, TPS of 10 or so randomly :/ unplayable for me thats why i havent been on recently - Jack