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  1. Maybe less floors but Im in if you want me My best building ability is themed building I love the whole idea and I think with a team of 10+ people it won't take too long
  2. I agree to a degree, it seems like the server has gone a bit off track but with time there have been many improvements, but with these improvements there has been our share of mistakes and problems as well.
  3. Jegigglebox

    Random Thoughts

    4400 Microsoft points from my Grandpa, a year of Xbox live gold, $30 of iTunes money, an Xbox game holding tower, and a BLANKET. Christmas was a success!
  4. Listing to Voxelbox's song "Don't Mine at Night" :D

    1. dipwill


      i listened to that song a coulple days ago it is amazing and funny

  5. I agree with this post, they helped me clear land Jegigglebox
  6. Jegigglebox

    Random Thoughts

    Okay, I'm thinking about upgrading to windows 8, I've heard from some people that is us buggy and from some people that it is great? Should I do it (I already have Windows 7), I really want it, but I would only like to get it if most f the major bugs are gone
  7. @Jack_Keeley What is with your picture XD #lolwut 8/10
  8. Btw JPGaming is not a rip off it is a new name change for the gaming group I have been apart of since May of 2010, the name was recently changed to Joint Portal Gaming which we abbreviate to JPGaming, we also have a YouTube if you want proof.
  9. Btw, I can wait, I'm a bit busy with our new servers, but I'm just watching this all come down. Also I'm not the only one thinking this, I'm just voicing the 30-40 people who have told me this stuff, some who have left because of this. Also, sorry of I'm annoying you @Jamie but these are a lot of problems that I personally hope to see fixed or tended to in some way because I hope to see JR thrive I'm the next update
  10. Also. AGAIN I'm not complaining, just bringing suggestions, thoughts etc. I'm just trying to voice some concerns
  11. I realize this, but I think the main concern should have been to release the server and perform updates on it while its on, so people can still play. I have already seen the new website, I like a few of the aspects like the chat on the main page, but I like the old drop down tabs from the current website, the new ones seem too generic, the current ones everyone already knows and changing it seems ALSO a bit unnecessary. And also, if JR was being new, creative, and functional, don't you think that JR would usually be full or even HALF full on its servers and maybe our competitions would have more participation from our 15,000 members. Clearly we need to be more creative, because new things attract people.
  12. And truly that last few time JR has been "Reinvented" had not made much of a difference and the add-ins usually overwhelm new players and befuddle current players.
  13. Cool, but again not complaining about NUMBER of plugins but unnessessarily creating custom plugins, but if Jamie is having so much trouble then all available staff should be devoting all time to help, if they already arnt because this week or so that they haven't been on 1.4.6 has not been good for its player base.
  14. Cool, I thought I would know, since I"m on the team XD, O well I just missed it I guess
  15. I know but I said "Poorly", and by that I mean not maintained, it has been griefed 5+ times to my knowledge and there needs to be a slightly better map selection and spawn in point in my opinion #BuildingTeammaybe?