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  1. LiteDuty02

    Mob Arena

    I think Mob Arena also could use an enchanting table. You get so much levels during the game and you don't even get to use them
  2. Jumping from my chair to my bed, or carpet to carpet. Does that count?
  3. I prefer the iPhone. It's just I'm used to them so much more than a galaxy
  4. Man, that is cool, I wish I had the stuff
  5. PlanetSide 2 is okay, a good FPS with okay graphics. I used to play it
  6. The last of us, and GTA V. The Last of Us just looks amazing with graphics and storyline. And, GTA 5 is GTA, I always get gta games
  7. Garrys mod is good. There are plenty of gamemodes to play from that people make. like Jailbreak, TTT, Morbus, pirate wars, Gmod Tower, and plenty more. I suggest getting it
  8. I live hidden in a cave in some plains. Just one little 2x2 hole gets filled with all mobs.. no worry for food again.
  9. I would love to see dynamic lights. So when you hold a torch in your hand the area lights up. Therefore you don't have to place so many torches. Also maybe like the Aether? That'll be cool
  10. This happens to me, but not much. It's kind of annoying, but not a big deal

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