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    Minecraft, MLP FiM, YouTube, Borderlands, running away from Slender, and countless other ways to waste time...

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  1. I find this guy's stuff to be oddly hilarious and ingenious at the same time
  2. MajestikMooss

    Random Thoughts

    You should have either made another one, or put the pic in the original topic you made.
  3. Gonna stick with them having /tp, for the reasons Chris stated above.
  4. Did you see the /ignore topic? You don't need to put up with her bullcrap. For the record, i really hope you don't leave, and do not hate you, you brony you :3
  5. Only complaint I have with BF3 is the Adkins that will literally ban you for being too good. Me and my brother were playing against these guys, talking and co-ordinating and stuff, ended up taking 3 mcom sets without losing a ticket... But that's besides the point, I've got bf4 premium pre-ordered, so I'm set. I just fear my laptop melting on my lap.
  6. MajestikMooss

    Random Thoughts

    First day pretty much consisted of the administration dumping papers on me to get my parents to sign.
  7. Sigh... You have much to learn, grasshoppah. Best game that I have played this year would probably be Bioshock Infinite (screw all you haters of the gunplay in it), but I have the feeling that Battlefield 4 will be my adoration. I'm not going to be doing any school work the week it comes out.
  8. MajestikMooss

    Random Thoughts

    I just hope I can find all my textbooks online and not need to lug them around :/
  9. I'd come on my mount (a moose) and save from frosty's tortures. Then proceed to do the same thing, but heal you so you have to do it over and over.
  10. MajestikMooss

    Random Thoughts

    I don't like IGN, they call Pokemon games repetitive, yet they give CoD games 10/10.
  11. Sophomore Slump or the Comeback of the Year? - Fall out Boy
  12. MajestikMooss

    Random Thoughts

    I just got them today, they cut your mouth up bad.
  13. I can understand why I'm not anywhere on here, I tend to lurk a lot
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