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  1. Premium permissions. spawn buildings (help will always be given at hogwarts to those who ask for it) main Hub buildings other than that everything is prime.
  2. No need to apologize. I'm not complaining of missing features I'm just letting you know the differences so you can easily change them before more people start joining
  3. I do not mind at all about what works or not, for I got my premium for free -- thanks again @Jamie -- but if you intend to start promoting JR soon this is probably one of the things that should be fixed on the website or in game. Thought i would let you all know in detail so you do not have to go looking your self. (a little time saver) About JR Premium Membership Minecraft Features Worldedit plots in creative server (Most WE commands apart from /butcher and /limit) Use (/colors) in chat Flying speed (/flyspeed 1-10) Go invisible and vanish while playi
  4. Just when you thought duplication of falling objects was impossible! (nothing to do with the server its a 1.9 bug) Don't Worry I'm not gonna sell them and dominate the market or anything. But I do plan on making the entire floor at /warp harsol dragon eggs instead of water. Although Franchovie might get one for killing the ender dragon with me.
  5. Awesome! is the cup eligible to obtain in the US? (shipping ain't cheep)
  6. This is what I added today. Another bridge and if you can guess what that thing is. And if you cant its a mob farm.
  7. That's my dyslexia actin up again hehehe
  8. doesn't one get +5 moneys from someone liking their post? then when one logs in it tells them their money so seeing in increase currently means to check the forums.
  9. I have come to a stopper. I like the detail of the leafs but I like the open-ness of no leafs. Help me decide. Leafs: No Leafs:
  10. For Those of you that would like to see an update! Here we are! many side projects, but the progress on my "base" is the cool stuff. So I made some large farms -- go big or go home -- and they started out as eye sours of boxes so I'm working on making them look better also made the pathway to my farms and I like how it turned out!
  11. I can help build something cool .
  12. I Like that When I log onto the Minecraft server I can tell if someone has licked, replied/ commented to something of mine by seeing that my "cash" has gone up.
  13. As a good idea It would be lots more work that I do not have permissions for. With the anti Grief I would need to be able to set overlapping regions with priorities set. If you would like to work together on this we can. We could even set it up as a neighborhood type thing and have purchasable house/ plots with houses. for people that want a "cool" house but either lack the ability to make one or just don't want to take the time to.
  14. Victorian is SUPER hard when building small! But here is what I came up with. It's 12 long, 13 wide, and 12 tall. /warp harsol_victorian
  15. I have obtained all the Minecraft achievements on the Survive server and am seeking NEW achievements from you! You have an idea for a challenging or grindy Minecraft achievement? Post it here with the correct format and I will do my best to achieve and post a reply with screenshots when I complete it! Make sure they are actually achievable. If not I'll reply telling you so. Example Format: Name: Harsol Achievement: Get one double chest of diamonds! Conditions: No help from other players, mined with any pickaxe Time to complete: end of time.
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