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    Minecraft. I got an 83% on my minecraft addiction test.

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  1. What did I just say? It's the internet browser that is slow, everythng else runs like a surfboard through water. Thats good. Why would it only slow down IE then? :/
  2. We don't have an internet box, the PC is directly plugged into the internet. And the only thing slow is IE!
  3. Ok, so my grandmother has a beast Windows 8 PC with like 80k gigs, but she keeps blaming me because of her INTERNET EXPLORER being slow. Can everybody help write down reasons why Internet Explorer is buggy and slow? She won't listen to me, but if many people said it, I COULD possibly be able to return to JR! Please, I don't wanna lose this! Help convince my grandmother to keep letting me use it!
  4. byron554


    Great suggestions. James?
  5. Those accursed words... Oh well
  6. Agree with above, we could get a handful of people and maybe an autodj program to run a "radio station", taking requests, updating on server happenings, and music. Even if this itea weren't to come into consideration, I support the idea of a weekly show.
  7. ... What're you admins plotting?
  8. The cruel comments were from a banned member, ChrisRacer24. We were simply telling him we didn't care what he said, and how awful it was to turn on us.
  9. ... None for the long-time players? That makes me semi-jealous...
  10. Jamie... I remember the very day I joined this amazing server. I went right to creative, made my own secret trap-filled home and everything. I also met a helper and a Grief Police who annoyed me so. (You know who you are guys) I remember the day Creative was reset, my first kill in Hardcore, my 2nd (or was it 3rd) place victory in the creative sculpture contest, me and my sand worm <3. I remember the day when I won my first Hunt, that beautiful 2500 Jrcash... I remember the spawn contest where we had to find the switches, I got down first, but then I realized I had to email a code... My old
  11. Sorry for not being on alot lately. My Minecraft has been really slow and buggy, so I'm fixing it after 1.4 comes. Sorry :(

    1. Jamie


      1.4 is a long way yet and JR won't be transitioning to 1.4 till our plugins are ready, which won't be easy as 1.4 is the mod API update, it'll take a while to transition over

    2. commanderAIK


      Byron, maybe I can help, what you mean slow, do you mean laggy, or slow when loading things?

  12. Last night, I had a Lucid Dream. IT WAS AWESOME.

  13. Runescape. Yep. Thats all thats left in my life if JR goes down.
  14. Ok, before I begin, today was one of the best days OF MY LIFE. I went down to my Aunt Cathy's house today, and I LOVE IT HERE! 3D HDTV in the living room, wireless mouse and keyboard, computer screen on the television, it's just EPIC. And for the peak of my day... A ride to Lowe's, You may be saying "Hey! Thats not fun or exciting!" You are right, but it's much more fun when your in a 6 straight engine 350 horsepower Lotus! I have never been in a car higher than 70 MPH, so this was a huge first! Thats it for now! See you guys later!
  15. Helper App rejected... BTW, I joined server sometime in april, my account has been here 2 months mainly because of that hacking issue with our accounts, so I had to recreate an account. One and only try, and I blew it. :(,

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