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  1. Well because simply I love this server and the community and ive been on it for a while ;p. what sucks though is that I cannot play it because I can't play minecraft because my brothers friend gave me his account a few years back. So now the password is changing and who knows what else so I cant sign into my account so I will have to buy minecraft eventually.
  2. Greetings my fellow JRcraft members. This topic may be small or this topic may be big , you never know , what ever comes to mind decides how big or small this topic will be. But I don't even know where to start there have been so many memories here on JRcraft. I might be jumping around in time because whenever something comes to mind I will type it so we'll see how this goes. So we will start when I first joined. When I first joined (keep in mind this was when the server was big) or atleast I think it was xD I don't remember it was so long ago. I played on the server and made many friends but
  3. Im still pretty much nothing irl but atleast I have a good feel on Jr
  4. I think I might have time to get on , I have been tired of minecraft so I decided to take a break for a while , I came on and checked every now and then. I have also been caught up in school as all of a sudden the 3rd quarter came and I was failing 3-4 classes which got me depressed (which I brought those grades up to A's and B's and 2 C's by the end of the quarter). And now it is fourth quarter and im not doing so well in 1 class which im not to happy about but its better then failing 3-4 classes. Also ive been on xbox with my friends for quite a bit now. And last but not least , my head has
  5. On the red toolbar the thing you click to get to the fourms , hover over the one to the right and then hover over JRcraft and then it should say apply for helper
  6. Risen Havoc

    Thank you

    We sure have some good laughs xD
  7. Not to be a downer but I HATE CARDBOARD! Only a few people would kno wxD

  8. So obvisouly you guys all know (or the majority knows I play gta)(grand theft auto) In the past few weeks or so I have been experiencing loads of fun by myself , with my buddies and just random people. Some of those things are getting my very first expensive car! (the overflod entity xf) and then going to North Yankton (The North Yankton Glitch) I'll hopefully be starting up a game with tons of people from JR so we can all experience the fun together! here are some pictures of these good times I've had with my buddy (ps I started a crew if anybody interested just send me a message on JR)
  9. Frost - 18 Switch - 15 Jamie - 19 And that's about all I know
  10. id love to help only if I knew what it was (I know its called coding)
  11. It doesn't raise the price I thought it did
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