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  1. hey the moderator told me that i griefed someones house.. im wondering at what time this occurred. cause it probably wasnt me because i went off for vacation.. someone please tell me when this has occured.. -Adventurer16
  2. okay thanks i checked the ban records and my name isnt there.. odd stuff going onn..
  3. so i just tried to play some minecraft on jr but it says i was banned..... Adventurer16 (me) never did anything.. please someone lift me of this bann -Adventurer16
  4. Adventurer16


    Hey i know other servers have this and its really cool idea.. if you find a griefer or a spammer instead of kicking them or banning them maybe you should consider the jail plugin its really cool. you make a jail and send them to it for a time.. so heres a plug in link: http://www.minecraftdl.com/jail-plugin-bukkit/ please add this -Adventurer16
  5. Adventurer16


    sounds cool.. but idk if they will do it
  6. what is the EXACT command to buy enchanted stuff or xp?? please just put command.. i tried the /hc but it didnt tell me exactly :D please someone help!

  7. Hey i was wondering.. how do you buy xp in the mall. some one please just tell me the command and how much please -Adventurer16
  8. Hey i was told you can buy xp.. but i dont know where it is.. so may someone direct me? -.- You can just tell me the warp ( if there is one ) Thanks, Adventurer16
  9. okay.. i just dont really have cash on hand.. i gess no timber for me
  10. well then yall should make it where everyone could use it please
  11. really good idea JR should go thru with it
  12. Well Idk if the new skyblock plug in is fun or not but i might do it and record with my friend.. so will anyone answer this in the next week or sooooo.. please -Adventurer16

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