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  1. Ooohh man. It's been forever, eh? Too bad I can't be in a game right now. I miss this community.

    1. commanderAIK


      Are you Dragonnikolas?

    2. Jamie


      We will be doing more and more soon :)


  2. Where do I go to apply for staff?

    1. Kyle


      Someone may correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe our application plugin is up and running since the new website. I'll write it down and bring it up at some point for you :)


    2. Kyle




      You are currently able to apply by sending an email to Jamie :)

  3. Is my JR : Pocket Edition ever going to be considered? I miss everyone...

  4. While on the subject of fitness... I have a device called a fitbit. There are like four different versions of it. I have a Fitbit Flex. There are Zip, One, and Aria The aria is just a scale, but its good for keeping your weight in check. I think you should try them out, AnioNovus I think you should too, Daisuke
  5. I just got a limited edition of Gears of War 2. Can't wait to play it. :D

  6. I hear that. The forum is where its at.
  7. A little suggestion, before you post these pictures, flip them right side up in Windows Picture Viewer (if you use windows)... Like this... There not so hard to see now. They look awesome! Could you make me one?
  8. i feel un-special ._.


  10. Where the heck is my silky pick?

  11. Hey, Frosty. Long time no see... I need help moving a mob spawner I built because its too high in the air. Can you help?

  12. Nik

    JR on MCPE?

    Surprisingly, I have seen most servers with plugins. If you get the most basic ones (PocketProtect, PluginLoader, etc.) It should be a breeze. And as we progress within getting more players, then maybe we could start getting more plugins for voting and stuff like that. I have seen servers people host MCPE servers for 2gb of ram. Not sure how good they are but I'm guessing that it wouldn't be all that bad. Heck, people have hosted this on their crappy computers and they run no problemo.
  13. Nik

    JR on MCPE?

    When I joined a few servers, I had no lag whatsoever. It may be because Im using a iPad 4th gen (Retina display)... Heck, I get no lag on full settings.
  14. Nik

    JR on MCPE?

    Okay, it may be a long shot, but here we go. I had to sit in the living room today and watch my grandmother and all I had was an iPad. So, I downloaded MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) thinking I could build something in Singleplayer. I hit edit and I see a new button... "External" I tap it and I see Server address, Server port... Wait a minute I thought... I jump to my computer and look for servers... I find a huge ton of them here and I suddenly thought... What if JR had a MCPE server? So here I am, suggesting it. I think it would be awesome for those ones that are always on the go and love JR. I can't really explain more right now, but if you have questions, post them here. Goodnight, JR!
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