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  1. i wasnt sure where to put this but anyways ..... sabrina or thexxxruins as some of you knew her...has recntly passed....away i do not know all the details so please dont ask.....many of you know how close i was to sabrina... and many of you were good friends of hers... i just thought you might want to know.. --- Jordan
  2. hey guys i wanted to ask if there were any built in programs for me to use to make a video
  3. so ya i'm trying to get better at building but having some trouble could you guys give me some simple ideas
  4. djjl3000


    well guys alot has been happening to me recently. i really screwed up a few days ago, i made Sabrina/thexxxruins mad at me. something i shouldn't of said, also my mom had to go to the hospital for the third time in 2 weeks. but its not all bad news, its a nice day today its sunny so i cant complain. also for any of you that don't know my 1 year jr birthday is coming up in june and my 15th real life birthday is in july. have a nice day/week/ whatever guys peace ----- Jordan oh forgot one thing thank you frost for the help you have given me in recent days i really ow
  5. hey guys whats going on its a very good day

  6. ok so here is what i want you guys to know i am very sorry for what happened a few days ago, i am working on my anger issue and i hope you can accept my appolgy

  7. ok guys so as some of you know something happened on the server a few days ago (i will not say ) and i needed to say i am sorry to everybody and also i am working on my anger issues so once again i am very sorry for what happened and i hope you guys will accept my appolgie thx for reading -dj
  8. ok so i decieded to start up a blog for who knows why. anyways there are a few things i would like to say. first off is that i am deeply sorry for what happened a few days ago and am working on my anger issues second i want to thank everybody that has given me support through the time i have been on jr a few people i really want to thank are Jamie you my friend have helped me along the way with so many problems that i have had ( a few personal ) second is thexxxruins sabrina and chris thx for all the help you have given me and third all the staff thx for the help with things that some dont und
  9. happy birthday jamie i have to say you are one of the best guys i know you have helped me and so many others with things and you started the best minecraft server there could be i want you to know that you are awesome
  10. hey guys i want to apply for helper but i'm going to need some help going over the plugins if you can help me that would be great, and some support would be great to have a good day -dj i agree with u guys i should wait some time and figure out new problem solveing ways thx guys
  11. hey guys just wondering what your favorite part of jr is forme it is the community
  12. respect the staff or else!!!!

  13. i have made a minecraft church and made a minecraft bible the church warp is /warp djchurch

  14. minecraft is down so bored

  15. 33 degress where i am that means i am boilng

  16. 33 degress where i am that means i am boilng

  17. what does it mean when ur trying to get on a server and it says connection timed out:connection

  18. ummm i might be getting a new minecraft account because this is a friends and for some reason dosnt want me playing on it
  19. i cant get on its saying connection timed out: connect what does that mean
  20. well its saying connection timed out: connection what does that mean
  21. ummm its saying i cant connect but i can connect with other severs
  22. wondering who built the heart in front of my house in creative

    1. k2trf


      If you ask a member of Staff, they can check it with LogBlock for you when they have time. They can also roll it back if you believe it is a grief, although if that is the case it should be reported first (/report [description])

    2. Smmbod


      Mystery solved. Spoiler alert! It was gfdt.

    3. Smmbod


      Mystery solved. Spoiler alert! It was gfdt.

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