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Blog Entries posted by djjl3000

  1. djjl3000
    well guys alot has been happening to me recently. i really screwed up a few days ago, i made Sabrina/thexxxruins mad at me. something i shouldn't of said, also my mom had to go to the hospital for the third time in 2 weeks. but its not all bad news, its a nice day today its sunny so i cant complain. also for any of you that don't know my 1 year jr birthday is coming up in june and my 15th real life birthday is in july.

    have a nice day/week/ whatever guys

    ----- Jordan

    oh forgot one thing thank you frost for the help you have given me in recent days i really owe you dude

  2. djjl3000
    ok so i decieded to start up a blog for who knows why. anyways there are a few things i would like to say. first off is that i am deeply sorry for what happened a few days ago and am working on my anger issues second i want to thank everybody that has given me support through the time i have been on jr a few people i really want to thank are Jamie you my friend have helped me along the way with so many problems that i have had ( a few personal ) second is thexxxruins sabrina and chris thx for all the help you have given me and third all the staff thx for the help with things that some dont understand and thx for listening to me at times others wouldn't. and the third thing i want to say is that well the jr community has really been beside me since i first joined and i wanted to thank you all one more time thanks guys.

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