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Posts posted by djjl3000

  1. i wasnt sure where to put this but anyways



    ..... sabrina or thexxxruins as some of you knew her...has recntly passed....away i do not know all the details so please dont ask.....many of you know how close i was to sabrina... and many of you were good friends of hers... i just thought you might want to know..



    --- Jordan

  2. ok guys so as some of you know something happened on the server a few days ago (i will not say ) and i needed to say i am sorry to everybody and also i am working on my anger issues so once again i am very sorry for what happened and i hope you guys will accept my appolgie thx for reading



  3. hey guys i want to apply for helper but i'm going to need some help going over the plugins if you can help me that would be great, and some support would be great to




    have a good day




    i agree with u guys i should wait some time and figure out new problem solveing ways thx guys


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