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  1. You know your bored when your staring into space. Doing nothing.
  2. Ok k4l397. Can't wait to help you!
  3. Palo90

    Random Thoughts

    Nothing just playing on the comp for a whole day
  4. Guys. Really. My little pony. XD I was looking for actually scary movies....
  5. This might be hard, but I think that you should maybe give prizes to a person that gets on the longest for an amount of time. The hard part might be tracking the amount of time that someone went on. Please consider my idea.
  6. Did you know that JRcraft is cool? Everyone knew that.
  7. Usually, I feel really bored when I play games for a long amount of time and can't do anything so I would like if you guys could give me ideas to pass time. Or if you would offer to play with me.
  8. Have a great very late birthday! Sorry I couldn't see this sooner XD
  9. What is the scariest movie you have ever experienced? I really think a LOT of movies are scary so I won't give my opinion. XD
  10. Palo90

    Fun games to you

    What are your favorite games people out there? Which is one that you like the best Minecraft Terraria Team Fortress 2 Other I really don't have much game preference so...
  11. Hello people on the forums! I am Palo90, pretty new, but I've been on for like a month or two. I would just like to say that I would love to play on JRcraft and I want to see if anyone wants to play with me? Thanks!
  12. My favorite games are 1)Minecraft 2)Terraria and a few other games. xD
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