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  1. Stupid skills/talents you have

    • Chuck Norris jokes • Doing the "Ownage Prank call" Asian accent! • Drive RC cars (Not Walmart ones LOL)
  2. Video ad for the server

    I suggest we use the war hub for one of the clips! It would be a pretty epic clip if a lot of players were fighting!
  3. AMAZING! Keep up the great work Alex.
  4. The MobCatcher Plugin for VIP+

    Hopefully this can be added! It will tease me to donate everyday.
  5. TinyBlocks Mod!

    It would be cool if it would be in the creative world and only people would donate (or staff) would be able to use the plugin. If any Citizen would be able to use this plugin they will most likely find a way to abuse it. It would ruin survival but make creative more fun! It will be awesome to see smaller items in the Big House to.
  6. Restoring or Removing Abandon Homes

    I was targeting houses that were a couple months old or houses with was made by a banned players, Users who are going to start restoring or claiming a house should put pictures of the house and get a staff member to approve it on the forums. Chests should only be claimed if the user is X Months not active or has a permanent ban. (Quick suggestion).
  7. Guest Building At JRCraft

    I think it would be a great idea, but I think the guest world should be restarted every week since most guest will move up to citizens.
  8. JR Craft's Best Home - Results

    Good job Rob and hotstuff! Enjoy enchanting.
  9. What makes you rage in MW3?

    People who steal your kill.
  10. Minebook Plugin

    That would be a great plugin if it could be added !
  11. Minecraft wish list

    I wish Herobrine was added.
  12. Restoring or Removing Abandon Homes

    @Felryder Very good point, I never looked at it that way.
  13. Restoring or Removing Abandon Homes

    It be great if citizens could have a chance to help out.
  14. Restoring or Removing Abandon Homes

    Well, today I found a old abandon home. Looks like it was really griefed and old. So...... I was thinking, that users can ether restore or remove an abandon players home. This will not only clear some size on the map, it will also make the server look cleaner and give users a chance to help out. (Staff would have to approve before Restoring or Removing a home, if not it will be counted as a grief) Just a quick thought, let me know what you think.
  15. Where Are You From?

    I'm from Toronto, Eh?

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