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    soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, bodysurfing, tv, JRCRAFT, running, riding my bike around, helping out, pokémon, and more

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  1. jrcraft so hard to get around now =( i liked it before, and i liked it when there was always people on tekkit but now the server isn't even on =(

  2. ive never relly known why there banned but why were mk collecters and mk relays banned?
  3. so i dont know if this is a problem, bug or just how it works but when i used my wrench (correctly) on my mass fabricator i got nothing back what happened?
  4. school is over, no more school for 2 months!

  5. im am also up for helping but in tekkit =D
  6. yeah its not in clan help but when u make a clan u need (name of clan) then (desciption of clan in more than 2 letters but less than 6 )
  7. please do not make them banned as they dont make the server lag and they dont make creaters cause u have that thing were creepers cant destroy blocks neither tnt and stuff
  8. yeah the voting thing is now showing up in broadcasts
  9. what is your favorite/favourite pokémon?
  10. wondering if anyone wants to help me out with building my clan home =D

  11. if this has been already suggested or is being implemented just delete this topic but i was wondering can someone make a voting system for jrtekkit?
  12. yeah dont know if this should be in suggestions but oh well, i was wondering how do i change my clan description? and if u cant could u make it so? please?
  13. hahhha so true yet so useful
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