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  1. This was really annoying in space when you hit a diamond ore core in a planet that had thousands of diamond blocks in it and you could only break like 10 every 8 minutes or whatever it is.
  2. You can only enchant to level 10 on it because most of the shelves dont count. Its still looks cool though
  3. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Posting this from my new 3DS XL!
  4. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Last night I was really tired so I turned my light out and jumped into my bed. About half way through my jump I thought "OH MY GOD MY BEDS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM" then landed on the floor My parents werent to happy about the loud bang when I hit the ground
  5. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Tutti! I havent seen you in forever!
  6. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Nevermind my parents lied to me again. Wish I was in college
  7. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Getting my 3DS today! Does it come in red?
  8. My first game was World of Warcraft when I was 7 Favortie game is World of Warcraft
  9. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    Just sold my lego taj mahal to one of my dads friends for 1500$
  10. Shut up Muno, 1 thats not why im leaving I could care less about you lying and cheating, 2 I omly want my friends posting here so please dont.
  11. Im leaving JR. Barber or Jugga can you make sure all of my stuff goes to Mooss, thanks. Bye everyone
  12. Xzeddicus

    Random Thoughts

    @ Can you make sure all my money/items go to Mooss.

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