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    United States
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    I really love architecture and nature. Seeing funky, physically-impossible structures amaze me and there's something about the night air that smells soooo good (I'm a very active night person).

    Even though I can't swim to save my own life, I love the water. I also love being in airplanes (I actually find airplane food to be quite delicious), but I have a tremendous fear of heights...

    I'm weird.

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  1. 1. Playing Dark Souls 2. The very nature of the game is to piss you off (because it's difficult). Kind of rage-inducing when you waste 4 hours of your life dying over and over again... 3. Well... I played enough of the game to beat it 3 times ^^
  2. Emotions are a funny thing, hilarious in fact. For example, when you are angry, you could be thinking thoughts about kicking things over, screaming aloud, or even murder. Your only thoughts at that point revolve around breaking down and breaking something. But on a more better note, recall the time when you were in love with someone; your mind is like a big comfy pillow and everything you see is... positively different, like all thoughts of negativity are non-existent. My question is: What do you usually feel during a time of great emotional stress (doesn't have to be negative)? Whenever I am extremely angry (I'm only usually angry with myself, like when I drop something fragile, but I'm always patient and calm around others), all I see is bright red... and the only way I calm down is to do something (punch something, go crazy, etc.). Overtime, I start losing that bright red color in my mind and my vision starts to clear up. For those that play string instruments, doesn't it just suck when your string pops? I get this "aww *&!@^#" feeling and my insides just feel like they've dropped down to my stomach whenever I break one of my cello strings, even though it isn't that serious.
  3. If this is a forum for some ideas for the Zombie World, then here's some of my ideas: - Add an Urban/City setting: this would really add that element of claustrophobia, if you know what I mean (basically an open-ended world is too boring, need to add buildings for CQC and scary ambushes) - Add PvP if possible: With the advent of the 1.4 update, colored leather armor caps could be worn (the rest of the body protected with some other armor pieces) to indicate clans/groups, and alliances or enemies could be made in a world filled with chaos! - Add more bows and arrows: The dead aren't the ones to be feared. It's the living camper-snipers that should be. That's all I got, but other people could have better ideas
  4. Well I have absolutely no idea how to add in a video to the text like everyone else, so here's the YouTube link instead: Song is "Unaware" by Allen Stone. Accidently heard this guy sing while I was doing some video spamming (watch videos to gain points, which are then used to get discounts on stuff). Dude has a couple albums out and they've been out for quite some time. Well... didn't realize that adding a video link was the reason for in-text video... derp.
  5. I'm just really curious as to what kind of vid. games people have played when they were younger, so yea. My first video games (playing since age 6) were Medal of Honor (PSX, so I had no idea wth I was doing), some jetski race game (also for the PSX), and a Tarzan adventure game for the gameboy color. I have older brothers, so that is why I have Medal of Honor on my first games list ^^ Ah yes, I forgot to mention... I love the Bomberman, Pokemon, and Metabots series! (I'm older now, so more like "loved").
  6. I know how you feel csheim... JRCraft had its moments where there at least 20-30 people (I think the highest number during my time was around 50!) Anyway, the problem probably has to do with what everyone else is talking about - degradation of appeal and age. I'm sure you've noticed, but everyone is growing up... I've known some staff members who were once gold members when I first played and now they're Mod/Admin! (I'm referring to TheSystem, btw.)
  7. Playing a little too much BL2... level 32 now

  8. Borderlands 2 in 1 day!!! :D

    1. k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      lucky... I have to wait until friday. But I'm getting the deluxe edition xD What you getting it on? Xbox or PC... don't say PS3, don't say PS3. *crosses fingers*

  9. North_Oceana

    BahkD's Random Pics

    Just about anything weird that I come across and manage to take a picture of could be found here!
  10. Nos-tal-gia (n) A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing a moment of nostalgia. It's hard to explain because what you feel during such a moment is hard to describe; some may say it feels like you're being covered by a warm-fuzzy blanket or others may describe the feeling as very relaxing. The whole concept is really strange because the familiar feeling you get from interacting with a particular place, person, thing, or idea, this feeling which brings forth a very vivid yet cloudy and vague memory, is only described by this one word - nostalgia. My question for everyone is does everyone have a unique sensation when you're going through a moment of nostalgia? Do you feel more sad or more happy during a nostalgia moment? And finally, which sense do you think most often initiates these nostalgia moments (hear, see, smell, taste, feel, etc.)
  11. So I'm sure everyone has read those silly little comics or whatever about an elderly man giving a couple of cents to a child and asking the child to go buy candy or toys. But in reality, has any old man or woman (Grandparents, elderly teachers, etc.) ever done this to you? (They'd have to be pretty oblivious to do so...) If yes, this has happened to you before, then what did you do the couple of cents that was given to you? If no, then how would you respond to the elderly person? When I was in the first grade, I wanted to get a big cookie from the cafeteria. So, what I did was get a bunch of pennies that my grandma and brother gave me and went to get the big cookie right before I left for school. However, when I proceeded to the cashier to get my big cookie, the mean old lady told me I was a few cents short and denied me my cookie. Without even handing me back my coins or asking me nicely to get something else or leave, she snatched every single penny I gave her and brought out these broken, mashed-up pretzel sticks and literally forced them onto me.
  12. Very poor choice of words...

  13. This is very interesting idea... Maybe the winner's writing could even be printed into a book in the server and the books could be duplicated and distributed to all players... Throwing away the books could be a felony.

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