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  1. Judging by the title, I can assume you know that I am leaving. This isn't a sudden thIng for me because I have been drifting away from the server for a couple weeks now. I have had nothing to do for the past month or 2 and now with mcmmo and the 1.3 world gone, I just lost ALL of my progress since August. I had enchanted diamond armor and tools, a very high unarmed skill in mcmmo (I was able to kill hostile mobs in 2 hits; that's equivalent to a diamond sword I think), and to me, it doesn't seem like the same server as it was back in 1.2. When we asked for the server to have more members, we got more than we bargained for; I've seen people get griefed often, arguments over small problems, accusations of hacking( Especially in the Hunger Games arena; I've been called a hacker many times due to mcmmo, and a ton of swearing. Back then, there were barely any arguments in the war games (like Thunderstorm), griefs were very uncommon, and very little hackers (by that I don't mean people hacking the server, I mean people hacking to grief and kill others with 1 hit with a stone sword). Most of the people from 1.2 left. Please do not try to convince me to come back, because I won't. I'm very tired of all these things currently happening, and it got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore and decided to leave. Goodbye JR. -Yahoby
  2. I am extremely bored right now.

  3. Still better graphics than Call of Duty...
  4. Happy Birthday mecmax!!!1!1!!!! I'm on an iPod so I can't put a birthday meme, and congrats on getting helper!!1!!!1!!1!!1!!!1!1!!!!! (The 1s were on purpose semicolon capital p)
  5. I think the age should be lowered to 13 because some of them, like @calculator98 said, are more mature than older people. My friends are 13 or 14, and they are way more mature than my brother, who is 15. People shouldn't be judged by how old they are, but by how mature they are.
  6. Why cant't I add Steam friends?

    1. MajestikMooss


      You nead to make a steam profile first, it happened to me too and this was the problem.

    2. Flaw


      I thought you had a buy a game to add friends? You could accept them, but to add - you need to splash the cash


  7. @Spartan I think Mojang would make a lot more money if they had smaller Minecons at different locations at different times of the year, like multiple Minecons so more people could go.
  8. I haven't been on too much lately because of homework, and doing a couple custom maps like t3c parkour and Herobrine's Mansion, but whenever I do get on, I already have all the materials I need to survive, all enchanted tools/armor, and I can't really find anything to do, so I get bored. I'm getting Team Fortress 2 soon, so I'll probably be playing that instead of minecraft
  9. Tim, how come in the first screenshot your name is hd while Notch's and Jeb's are pixelated?
  10. Favorite mod: Rei's Minimap Favorite Plugin: Worldedit
  11. YahobyX

    It's time. My goodbye

    I'll miss you Jamie. Whenever I had a rough day at school, I went on JR and forgot all about it. In September, when this scool year started, I found out that I had become a more helpful person, so I want to say thanks for all you have done to make JR what it is today. I wouldn't have found this server if it weren't for Iggy, and it is my favorite server. Good luck with everything
  12. I have seen AntVenom on the same server (not JR Craft) while playing the Team Fortress 2 map. The only evidence I have is this screenshot: (Btw, if you can't see it, he says "guys on blue, stop staring at me. play the game.")
  13. Dear Notch/Jeb, I truly love Minecraft and I'm sure your other games are really awesome (I haven't played them yet) and you guys keep adding awesome ideas into the game. I personally think there should be a cape shop at minecraft.net, and a pack of 5 capes would cost around $10, and users cannot make their own capes because they would try to make the Mojang or Minecon one (the minecon cape will only be available to players who ATTEND Minecon and actually go because I've been noticing that people buy tickets but don't actually go to get the cape. Ok, back to cape packs. Each pack will have a different theme to it (like passive mobs, hostile mobs, blocks, etc.) If only you guys could add this it would be really awesome Sincerely, Yahoby
  14. *le* stupid autocorrect :/