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  1. Welcome back to JR. How are you ?

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    2. Jamie


      What you playing these days, doing with your self ?

    3. whenzhou87


      doing with my self.... not a lot but for some reason it takes up 90% of my time lol

      When I do get around to gaming its pretty much all ARPG related some MC/terraria when I get some good down time but other than that not a whole lot. 

    4. Jamie


      Nice one. I have to head to bed but hit me up on pm here and I'll message you tomorrow :)

  2. Lol just another sign that JrCraft whoops the crap out of the opposition when they have to stoup to this level to "try" and take jr down.
  3. Thanks for working so hard on this.
  4. the prizes make this more awesome but I am looking forward to a fresh start and to all the changes you're making this is going to be good
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