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  1. This is my main point but the stats were not reset prior to re-opening. Because of this it is a losing battle.
  2. Not all the cheaters are gone and you quote Jamie saying they are. You just contradicted yourself. I know your fishing is legitimately earned but as stated earlier, your acrobatics are not. It may not have been intended but it is out there. (Also, Tim, I just saw your title on here and all I am going to say is, You Scum Alliance!) Anyways, back on track...
  3. That is why I mentioned coding them to not be exploitable. Just as spawner born mobs do not give combat skill experience, it can be coded to give nil experience for acrobatics.
  4. It is not about who has earned what stats. The main reason the topic is even in discussion is because of the new world implimentation as well as the known fact that many, many people have cheated to get levels. I was witness to an event of people cheatting to get their stats but because of the shear number of people I could not get exact names of them all. To be fair to everyone the stats SHOULD be reset regardless of who you are.
  5. Code /god to make you ineligible for acrobatics experience or make monsters spawned, via spawner, give no acrobatics experience at all. It is possible because mobs spawned in such a way give no experience for combat skills.
  6. That's not the point of resetting them. Those stats were from old world and should have been reset with the new world change. They should have been reset before the new world was even released. Also, people sitting at a spawner with /god on also are exploiting. Gaining levels by shady means, no matter how it is, even those will be adjusted if the latter option is taken.
  7. It was not Kyle who was going to talk to Jamie about resetting the stats. That was my decision. Kyle made the exact point I was trying to make to everyone who wants to keep those stats. No poll will sway this decision. Stats should be reset when a new world is created, either that or the idea should be scrapped all together. It would be nearly impossibl to decifer everyone who has cheated vs those who worked legitimately. TL;DR New world, new suff, new stats.
  8. Please stay on topic. This post is considered spam
  9. The only one I have schematics for is my old home. Saved pics of it when I was going to have it transferred but then I just couldn't be bothered because of it requiring to know everyone that helped. But the home across from me was immensely huge and had an awsome Pantheon built in front of it.
  10. Bumping purely for the link if anyone could upload the old world. 1.2.5 was an amazing world!
  11. Adding a download link to this old server would be amazing. I have been looking for it for a very long time. The old link no longer works.
  12. Kurodean


    I have coded that plugin to be compatible for Tekkit before. It is a very easy one to work on. Childs play. If Jamie wants it in he can message me on skype about it.
  13. Site is impressive, not much else though as far as I can tell. Good job Jamie

  14. My only issue with it was the abuse of farming diamond filled planets to raise MCMMO rating on mining. It was quite upsetting to those who actually did work for their ratings.
  15. The pyramid section cannot be hollow or it will not work with the beacon.