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  1. erikjinton


    thanks bro (im new to photoshop) thats why it isnt that good
  2. erikjinton

    to jamie!

    made this for jamie!
  3. @Alex what do you mean with "poll" ? and yes i agree that you have a chance to kill someone when you have shields and stuff. not in SWAT xD but anyway , everytime i try to play online on cod i die before i spawned.......
  4. first 3 who comments and likes , get a free dota 2 invite!!!
  5. what game do u guys prefer to play ? and why ?, i think i like both of them because halo 4 is awesome and i love SWAT, im on fisrt place all the time after a SWAT match , but cod mw3 is awesome because of "survival mode" , i came to wave 48 on the map called "outpost" (i didnt camp in the plane) xD
  6. see you tim !!!!! hope it will be a nice time at the airforce , please be careful where you drop the bombs . you maybe blow up the server computer that runs jr xD
  7. ehhhhhhh ... okay wierd .. but im glad it was a temp ban ... ill make sure i m´never use nick command again xD one more question , do i still get ingame money when i vote adn im banned ?
  8. someone banned me for 72 hours ? for "offensive nickname" my nickname was : i am a poop . are you guys seriosly when banning me for that ? poop isnt a bad word? i love playing on jr and cant be banned for that long !??
  9. My premium is almost out. Now I have to take all my enchanted stuff from my backpack. Please remove white-list or white-list me for 5 minutes!
  10. ok so i will keep everything after update?
  11. is the survival map going to reset after jr is updated to 1.4.6 ?? and how can i save my items ?
  12. im pretty bored cuz jr is down , does anyone want to play minecraft, DOTA 2, team fortress 2 , combatarms or skype with me ??? please! my skype is : spelerik10 my steam is : erik.jinton
  13. when does jrcraft update to 1.4.6 ??? i really wanna play now on it but its still 1.4.5 please tell mewhen and please do it fast !
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