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  1. Happy birthday old friend :D

  2. Sounds pretty solid to me. I hope the new map will bring new players and old players around more.
  3. I'm still kicking it. Not always on but I do make my rounds as much as I can
  4. i'll browse through steam. I know keys on steam games are very nice to have. PS I miss that spawn. to bad we never finished it
  5. Well Switch sumed this up nicely.
  6. Well my name is Michael. I've been on JR hmm for I think 3 years now yes 3 glorious years. I'm a pretty laid back guy who likes to joke / prank / slightly troll and just have a good time. I have a bit of a temper though and im stickler for the rules and dont play when it comes to breaking them! but other than that im pretty cool guy that gets along with most everyone. I build minigames, Shops, spawns, decorate buildings and make goofy retarded houses that look horrible lol. I am currently a moderator on JRCraft in minecraft and an admin on the Team Fortress 2 servers. I mainly play Min
  7. oh man such good story's! hmm me well I was just made op not to long ago to help with server spawns and such making it nice and all in creative mode using lighting and crazy commands. so I was learning how to use the world edit better and let me tell you DO NOT make a 25x25 area tripwire hooks! oh man the server was lagging soooooo bad it almost broke XD then this one time at band camp.... well.... umm.... BYE....!
  8. I've always liked this kind of idea. I might be able to create a pvp arena Dunno we shall see depends on if @Jamie follows through with this
  9. Live streaming on Twitch would help get loads of people to watch and join up also.
  10. A shop for sb would be SUPER SUPER SMALL a player mall will do just fine. im coming up with idea's and writing down reasons and such for them.
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