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  1. We are waiting for compatible releases of the ones we disabled, please read this post and wait for further updated comments about it...
  2. We are working on the problem but tekkit is being stupid at the moment. We can't pinpoint the source of the problem because it's not related to any plugins or mods we've seen so far... All the plugins we put is compatible with tekkit and if it was the plugins, we should get error logs regarding to that but we're getting none. Same with mods... Still we'll continue to try to find the cause, meanwhile please try not to use complex constructions or extremely unbalanced pipe lines...
  3. Wanted to make this clear, Saying stuff like "Tekkit is nothing without condensers" or "Without condensers there is no tekkit" means you guys don't know a thing about tekkit and being seriously lazy. We did enabled them due to poll but personally, I can find around 15 ways to make red matter.or dark matter without the use of condensers. As for the players, our player age range is around 12 to 29 and most of them are youngsters, in the weekdays they usually do their homework and getting ready to school but we reach our peak when it's weekend
  4. the price list is in the database, i don't know about the stand alone php tho
  5. mine is more simple - Call the provider and curse like hell - Let them change your IP and DNS cache (they have one too ) - Start to calm down and restart your pc Voila... Happy ending
  6. http://www.minecraft...t/wiki/Breeding As long as you feed your animal, they won't despawn... There used to be a bug regarding fences in late 2011 but that bug has been fixed in April 2012.
  7. More fun things will come Spawn is also shaping up nicely too, I'm thinking of adding an event list so we can inform then if there is an event...
  8. You can use shops to buy stuff since we'll come up with well balanced prices and you can earn more money by selling items on the server or by voting... Condensers makes the game too easy, like my infinite storage, I haven't even gone hunting for items after that and got bored. This way is more challenging
  9. Tekkit is all about hard work, stop relying on condensers and learn the potential of tekkit...
  10. We are building, fixing, preparing the US Tekkit atm. Whitelist is temporary, you will be able to enter once preparations are done. Things we've done so far: - Fixed most of the crashes - Fixed minor lag issues - Deleted unnecessary warp points - Deleted unnecessary regions - Cleared up cache - Building spawn - Tutorial road for newcomers - ChestShops - BuildCraft - Disabling Quarry and Mine Wells only so members can use pipes, engines, tubes etc. - Made some plugin fixes - Updated couple of plugins We'll continue to build spawn today and planing to open to public soon. To-Do List: - Command list will be re-written - Worldguarding the spawn - Staff room inside spawn - Bridges - Roads - More useful/helpful screens Tekkit is coming more strong
  11. We are currently making some arrangements including the spawn building, we have disabled quarry and mining wells but buildcraft is being enabled so you can use pipes, engines and other stuff that buildcraft offers...
  12. gonna have an explosion party in 2-3 hrs we'll enable nukes, catalyst, lasers etc... party will go on until tomorrow, get ready to blow things up!
  13. Egemen Koca

    Nuclear Reactor

    An example of well constructed nuclear reactor
  14. Egemen Koca

    Tekkit : Infinite storage

    Nemesismax's Infinite Storage
  15. Thank you all let's do our best (ok that was ***, let's do it anyway )