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  1. Hey guys i have found a place for my build (Groznul) to be transferred its at /warp groznul
  2. It has to look good , no flat sails and stuff. and it has to be medieval styled , so no cruise ship or stuff like that Btw to see the ships i made goto : /warp groznulharbour
  3. hey guys, as some of you might have noticed there's a lot of lag lately. can anyone tell me why and when it is getting fixed??
  4. Hey guys, as some of you know im building a big island. i need some ships for the docks though. so thats where i need your help. build a ship( either in creative or survival) that is less than 15 blocks in width. post the warp in the comments. the winner will get 30K
  5. my record is 1 and now its 3
  6. i'll probably just build the things im building now, but then with the 1.7 stuff
  7. hey guys, just wondering what are you going to build in 1.7?
  8. U saw my dragon head on the front of my ship right? its at /warp groznul and then to the right, keep flying till u see it
  9. hi guys i got stuck while flying over a protected are that i cant enter then i got kicked and i cant get out, because i cant do / can someone plz tp me out or something im at TeamTJB's big farm
  10. hi guys, the last couple of days me and some friends worked on a new TDM map and we want to add it to the warhub. here are some screenshots Btw the warp is /warp desertbuild