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  1. The most random topic

  2. The most random topic

  3. Too many mods?

    People are lazy and like automation. We will try to make the experience as fluid as possible while also being open to ideas for improvements, if something doesn't work we will be agile and work for new solutions.
  4. Too many mods?

    "Too many mods" is debatable. Our servers can handle the current setup of mods, otherwise we wouldn't have it on there. We monitor the performance of the servers aswell. Limitations usually happen on the clientside, while we can host all these mods, some people simply can't run it on their laptops or low end PC's which is understandable, we should find a medium where we find the perfect combo of mods and perforance degradation.
  5. What phone do you use and why?

    Smashed my last phone from slipping out my pocket. Got a Samsung Tab A 10.1 as my backup phone lol.
  6. We offer servers for PC users, because of this we seem to have become a vary PC orientated community site without meaning too, JR has always been (since I was around) a gaming community. Not, a PC gaming community site. I propose to open the forums and possible some sectors of the site to the console community, offering a place for the users to congregate and communicate without introducing a messy merge of users.
  7. Minecraft Server

    No idea sorry. I don't think we even have servers running.
  8. Why aren't you online: stuff you're up to!

    I have been diagnosed with cancer a month or so ago, been in and out of hospitial since, so i have not had time to play any games. Once I manage to get the operation done I will be going to uni for my second year so I will again be in and out of activity. JRcraft is a good server and deserves activity. hopefully you guys will keep it sorted out and get activity back, i have some ideas on getting a few new players back ill post in the suggestions section soon
  9. Mobile, What platform are you?

    I have currently two mobile phones, one Nokia Lumia of which has Windows, even with a developer account the OS is very closed and the lack of customization upsetting when compared to my old HTC one mini w/ android. I am currently in the same boat that my HTC has slow down immensely which has become tiresome. I think it is time I get a custom ROM of android or move to try out another linux distro for the phone. Phone manufactures have been known to purposely slow down phones after a period of time ( independent of hardware heath ) to make end users upgrade there phones to the latest and greatest, which is good business for them but crap for us. My Lumia has yet to slow down as it is as quick today as I got it off the shelf, so in a way that is a positive for both Nokia and Windows right now but it is ashame that Android does this.
  10. payment

    Thank you very much for helping keep JR running. Your contribution is very appreciated and we hope that you enjoy the premium services.. You are the man.
  11. Seems like a cool idea, Minecraft players should enjoy this new update. Booster packs / Double XP / Enchantments can be purchasable via store. maybe instead of offering diamonds for the votes for JRCRAFT we can offer JRCash which will offer the players more in the long run. Due to the model of Minecraft on a whole, you can't really turn it into "pay-to-win" as all resources are around you constantly. With that said we can offer features and functionality to paying players tho. For example. You use £xx of JRCash you can access more of the map (worldguard extension) "Starting off new on JRCraft ? Use 10 of your free 50 JRcraft points to purchase a starter kit to get you well into the game!"
  12. NameCheap are currently offering domains at 63p, so if you ever needed to stock up on them or buy one now is your chance. Images below is proof of purchase, NameCheap is highly reputable. Image 2: Image 3: image 4: Lastly: https://www.namecheap.com

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