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  1. Since the glory days of XP and Windows 7, Microsoft has been consistently been pushing more consumer-friendly bloatware on their OS images to ensure the average PC user has an enjoyable experience by having all their Facebook applications all on the start menu. If you decide to reimage your PC or by a new one from any vendor around the world, then 9 times out of 10 this will be similar to what you would find in the programs list: While they collectively only take up a modest side of a GB or two it is still useless programs that will never be run or looked at. This is unacceptable when the OS could be as clean as: In order to clean the OS you will need access to PowerShell as Admin to list and uninstall these applications. Here is a blog including a list of all the bloatware and a Pastebin as a backup: The link above includes an interactive list where you can pick and choose the bloatware you wish to install, I personally chose "ALL" and pasted the result into the PowerShell: An example would be if I wanted to remove: "Candy Crush Soda Saga" March of Empires: War of Lords Bubble Witch 3 Saga CookingFever Dragon Mania Legends Hidden City Then I would paste the following code into my PowerShell terminal Get-AppxPackage *skypeapp* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *keeper* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *empires* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *candycrush* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *bubblewitch* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *cookingfever* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *dragonmania* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *hiddencity* | Remove-AppxPackage You will no longer have these games/apps on your machine. Uninstalling OneDrive can be done by typing the following into RUN by hitting Windows key + R: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall
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  3. People are lazy and like automation. We will try to make the experience as fluid as possible while also being open to ideas for improvements, if something doesn't work we will be agile and work for new solutions.
  4. "Too many mods" is debatable. Our servers can handle the current setup of mods, otherwise we wouldn't have it on there. We monitor the performance of the servers aswell. Limitations usually happen on the clientside, while we can host all these mods, some people simply can't run it on their laptops or low end PC's which is understandable, we should find a medium where we find the perfect combo of mods and perforance degradation.
  5. Smashed my last phone from slipping out my pocket. Got a Samsung Tab A 10.1 as my backup phone lol.
  6. We offer servers for PC users, because of this we seem to have become a vary PC orientated community site without meaning too, JR has always been (since I was around) a gaming community. Not, a PC gaming community site. I propose to open the forums and possible some sectors of the site to the console community, offering a place for the users to congregate and communicate without introducing a messy merge of users.
  7. No idea sorry. I don't think we even have servers running.
  8. I have been diagnosed with cancer a month or so ago, been in and out of hospitial since, so i have not had time to play any games. Once I manage to get the operation done I will be going to uni for my second year so I will again be in and out of activity. JRcraft is a good server and deserves activity. hopefully you guys will keep it sorted out and get activity back, i have some ideas on getting a few new players back ill post in the suggestions section soon
  9. I have currently two mobile phones, one Nokia Lumia of which has Windows, even with a developer account the OS is very closed and the lack of customization upsetting when compared to my old HTC one mini w/ android. I am currently in the same boat that my HTC has slow down immensely which has become tiresome. I think it is time I get a custom ROM of android or move to try out another linux distro for the phone. Phone manufactures have been known to purposely slow down phones after a period of time ( independent of hardware heath ) to make end users upgrade there phones to the latest and greatest, which is good business for them but crap for us. My Lumia has yet to slow down as it is as quick today as I got it off the shelf, so in a way that is a positive for both Nokia and Windows right now but it is ashame that Android does this.
  10. Thank you very much for helping keep JR running. Your contribution is very appreciated and we hope that you enjoy the premium services.. You are the man.
  11. Seems like a cool idea, Minecraft players should enjoy this new update. Booster packs / Double XP / Enchantments can be purchasable via store. maybe instead of offering diamonds for the votes for JRCRAFT we can offer JRCash which will offer the players more in the long run. Due to the model of Minecraft on a whole, you can't really turn it into "pay-to-win" as all resources are around you constantly. With that said we can offer features and functionality to paying players tho. For example. You use £xx of JRCash you can access more of the map (worldguard extension) "Starting off new on JRCraft ? Use 10 of your free 50 JRcraft points to purchase a starter kit to get you well into the game!"
  12. NameCheap are currently offering domains at 63p, so if you ever needed to stock up on them or buy one now is your chance. Images below is proof of purchase, NameCheap is highly reputable. Image 2: Image 3: image 4: Lastly:
  13. The earth is round!

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  14. Yeah, I see from hindsight that I was a little bias towards Trump, I know that he has flip-flop'd on certain policies, for instance, instead of banning all Muslims, he just wants to remove all illegal immigrants. Which I think is fair enough. I also see your point from that video aswell that his policies don't completely add up, both logistically and financially but neither does Sanders, Clinton or Cruz with a fine enough comb. Just did a little check and your right on the woman votes, it used to be heavily favored towards Hillary because of her stance of *** Rights and the push on "Equality" but it seems like most of them have "felt the burn" since I last checked. Cheers for the correction, Okay, Gotta clear this up, The Black Lives Matter movement that goes to Trump speeches to protest, are the actual racists. Think about it in a critical thinking mindset. They divide people into categories of which the liberals themselves create, (you cis-male) and place you in a completely imaginary hierarchical system and accuse anyone who doesn't follow their core believes as a bigot or racist. Note: Who are the people showing the face, who are the people who are hiding behind masks? Not only this the movement itself has become degenerated with pre-graduates who know nothing of the real world that spew And even more so, the actual leader of The Black Lives Matter group is racist: I don't want to come across as I am defending Trump but this movement also does harm to Socialist who want to help them: Bernie wants to make the welfare state stronger allowing these people to live without a Job and they still aren't happy. Yes, Trump has said some racist things in the past but as he has calmed down on that approach I personally believe it was his marketing tool to get into the presidential race to begin with, along with the anti - PC crap. Also lastly on this racist part, David Duke is a d***, he shouldn't of publicly endorced Trump and I think that was another marketing stunt on Dukes part, although Trump does say he denounces Duke: So some steps have been taken to show that Trump does like white supremacists but he can't control who does,. Generally of course. Most of the people who like Trump are the working people, not the minority of racists although I am sure some are found next to all the candidates ever to run. Even Abe Lincoln probs haha. " I think Clinton is similar in terms of pleasing her fan base, and having her versus Trump in the general election will be quite catastrophic for the people of the USA. The two candidates highlight the misunderstanding and extremism in the country on both sides, and how people refuse to collaborate and understand their opponents. " Yeah, I think you are right, that is probably one of the reasons why I wanted a Trump vs Sanders. It would quite rightly be a far right vs far left debate and no one will be able to recognize a middle in that. So you are correct. "I have no clue about Cruz. I would prefer to not have him as president. " Same as me, I know he has gone on a religious turn collecting a lot of christian votes and holding the bible high before a debate ect. I also don't want him as president. Good to see we can start of by agreeing that Sanders is indeed the most respectable candidate so far, although..... "He never makes cheap shots or insults towards other candidates", this is also a reason why he is losing. In today's force-fed media, the masses crave entertainment, I think that's also why Trump has half the votes on the the Republic side. People today love short sticky lines rather than meaningful convocations.. I mean Donald Trumpf FFS.... this is how people vote nowadays and its a disgrace and I'm not even freaking American but I appreciate having a fair and reasonable debate which the left don't want any part of. Sanders is too honorable, if you look at the later video I posted above of him, he is too submissive to be a presidential leader. I don't see any fire in his heart at all, unfortunately I feel that he came into this race 12 years too late. Also I don't see how President Sanders will show the power of the American people when he turns America into a socialist utopia, where everyone is dying of hunger because no one can specialize and earn their family a decent life because half of everything you earn goes to everyone else. This is why socialism fails and why Sanders shouldn't be in. Capitalism so far is the only system in place in the world where people have the right and the ability to make their own company and become one of the largest companies and riches after years of hard work. The only parts where Capitalism fails is when it gets poked and twisted by politicians and elites who benefit from international trades that it no longer works towards the people and works for corporations. But this is another reason why I feel Trump is a major asset as he was once part of this establishment that Sanders wishes to demolish, Trump knows indefinitely how it as a system functions and how to truly stop the 1% bankrupting our countries. Remember, this isn't just America this is the entire western civilization in turn we are talking about aswell. Us brits love capitalism. And yeah, Ill love to check out your full views about socialism later on, I will definitely find it an interesting read. Lastly, I agree with your last two paragraphs, Everyone is blinded as I also mentioned above, and US Congress is s***. The last two videos shows the full degeneracy of this political movement and how it is slowly corroding us as a species to essentially annihilation
  15. It is suggested that this US political debate is currently one of the most important ones to date, between Clintons E-mail hack causing possibly millions in damages, anti-gun, pro-immigration stance she is currently in the lead between her and Sanders. I would much prefer having everyone starve in a socialist utopia by Bernie Sanders than have a country be dominated by the bankers behind Hillary Clinton. A lot will be bad if either of these two get presidency. On the other side we have a christian warlord who is currently going down a path of collecting all the religious people of America. Ted Cruz who also has ties to Goldman Sachs just like Hillary Clinton which means that any poicies they wish to introduce must be met with a comb and brush. And lastly, we have Donald J Trump, a businessman turn politician who used to be one the elites who worked hand in hand with people like the Goldman Sachs firm. He understands the power these people have over the influence of the politicians they bribe, as he made his own money not owed by anyone he isn't tied to corporate elites who wish to introduce the TTP act which will devalue the dollar into nothing. Now for some personal options. I feel that a Bernie Sanders vs Donald J Trump would be an amazing debate, I feel that the American people deserve to see such a debate unfold. Unfortunately it seems that Hilary Clinton has just enough Bankers in her pocket to make it through to the finals as they say. I really don't know the general response will be with a debate against Hilary Client and Donald Trump, I know it would be a spectacle to see though and I am looking forward to seeing it happen but I don't know who would win. Hilary Clinton has essentially the woman vote, there is no denying this. Her policies seem rocky and with little to no base to them. I don't personally trust her and if I was American I wouldn't vote for her as she hasn't earned my trust. But aside from that her views on equality and the mythical female wage gap will allow her victory over poor Sanders. Ted Cruz could get a unicorn out of a rabbits butt and manage to get a significant amount of delegates before the final debates but I highly dought he will be able too. The only way Cruz can beat Trump right now is if the GOP takes matters in there own hands and bend their own rules to somehow make Ted be the nominee which seems likely at this point. Trump has already been a victim of a assignation by some liberals bleeding hearts who listen to the properganda that Trump is a racist, bigot .ect trying to smear his name while endless death threats on twitter get sent to him with little to no repercussions. I never really liked Trump, but the fact that the mainstream media is trying to deface his name and make him invalidated shows how much truth this man is saying. The constant media attacks against Trump makes me wonder what they are afraid he will uncover when he makes America great again by becoming president? or is it that he has completely self-funded his campaign making him completely untouchable from the Elites ? Only time will tell, I for one would vote Trump, his views haven't changed since his started, only his approach to the matter at hand as a good businessman knows how to deal. Nothing I have found on the internet shows that Trump is a racist or bigoted and I feel that he will actually do something once in power. What do you guys think ? Who would you vote for ? What policies do you feel would be good to introduce ? 2ClssvEl
  16. I for one have been getting ready to lose a few days on the only game that I have had any remote interest in for the last year. I know that is going to be hard, its going to make me rage, its going to make me cry, and Its going to make me entertained for hours. I love these types of purposefully difficult games to challenge your brain and your pattern recognition to the test. What do you think of the Dark Souls series ? You think it will be a good release ? bad one ? You have any particular game that you cant wait to play ? I'll leave this video here from the official Dark Souls twitter account: Hello darkness my old friend... Praise the Sun!
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    Welcome back to the forums. Back to idling while playing some Halo huh ?
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    Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 Worms Doom Those are a few that I remember playing a few weeks ago, haven't had time recently to have a good gaming session.
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