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Everything posted by Zimon

  1. Stick to Unity3D, helpful community, lots of tools and more. I believe it's much more advanced but simpler to use than Unreal Engine?
  2. It pops up too much about me that I didn't even know about
  3. I'm not sure what you mean, are you trying to do a storyline, aswell as a design for a video game?
  4. That's weird, because when I'm on my phone I can tag people with @?
  5. @DGM007 you visit this website through the Internetbrowser on your phone (I bet you have a smartphone?)
  6. That awkward moment when you realize that you forgot to make warm hotdogs, instead it's colddogs lol
  7. LOL @Peter xD I hate it when you're trying to sleep and your leg is in pain from the inside(don't ask me how, I'm too much of a Swede to even try explain ) EDIT: I can't edit my reply on my phone so i doublepost and declare myself a grammar nazi..
  8. What's your YouTube channel?
  9. That awkward moment when your joke is awesome and noone listen lol This should be moved to Forum Fun
  10. Thanks @ for the explanation P.S. You made me blind lol
  11. Hi all, as some of you might know, I was working on a Tower Defence a couple of months ago and my computer broke down.. I have decided to bring it all up again and this time even better, faster, and more fun to play. Expect some screenies and topics about this soon
  12. I will be back on tuesday to show more progress of this game I'm glad you like it so far (as said, I'm going to change the menu system or might just improve it a little more)
  13. Don't forget @ ! She's a great admin too aswell as the other admins/helpers
  14. @ why do you reply on old topics? I believe it says that you're not allowed to do so according to the rules(correct me if I'm wrong)
  15. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    This is probably the most wicked weird vacation I've ever had in my whole life so far..
  16. I hate it when you accidentally hide your own topic in application development and cannot get it back as you only have a phone... (plz(cute please) help me get "Sneak peak of a game" visible again) lol...
  17. I have no idea what will happen in the next 10 years, not even tomorrow or during my sleep, anything can happen lol
  18. Zimon

    Website Themes

    Would be cool, but JR isn't mainly about Minecraft I believe? There are other games aswell and topics that don't relate to Minecraft only
  19. I used to play PlanetSide 2 but my computer couldn't handle it that good. I need a better computer :/
  20. Yes, that's snowflakes Thanks for the idea. The game isn't about that much at the moment, I'm just trying to look for some ideas and suggestion on what could be added to the game. But the core of the game is that being a platformer. Added a noob-looking menu that gives you the ability to move the player around aswell. (Might make a better menu without a player lol) I'm going offline to get myself to Stockholm. Have a nice week everyone!
  21. Hello guys, I've been looking around alot testing new things and all and decided to show you a little screenshot of my upcoming game. Tell me what you think of by looking at this picture. I'm going to check this post regularly and it would be fun if you guys came up with ideas(this is newly made, not that much coded). Long story short, I'm going to visit my sister in Stockholm and I'll be back in Tuesday so I won't be coding for awhile. Cya!
  22. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    I am so lonely, lol, been with no one in like 1 week..
  23. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Horror games <3

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