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  1. Zimon

    JR's Facts

    I'll try to change that :3
  2. Welcome, are you a fan of AIK? xD (perhaps from Sweden?)
  3. 10/10 petersmileyface xD
  4. You might want to use Game Maker? Simple game engine with their own programming language and drag-and-drop(isn't needed, though). It's really awesome and you can make advanced games with it aswell
  5. Zimon

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    IMPOSSIBLE XD Chuck Norris cannot be Chuck Norris... (lol I don't know any chuck norris jokes )
  6. Zimon

    Hit Your Keyboard

    magic .......lol wtf!!?? XD making a game in C# :PPP
  7. I'll try my best at making something like that xD
  8. Maybe you should see my KD go + all the time xD (On both games AND bf3 )