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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViWjRp4XBrI Swedish Lyrics - When The Sung Goes Down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4kFO_n9_tE Swedish Lyrics - Turn Around
  2. Part 1 - Hello and welcome to my second "How to make a website"-tutorial! The difficulty is at beginner/medium. Let's begin with our tutorial! Open your website folder and RightClick on index.html and Open With > Notepad. ~ BODY BGCOLOR will make a background color for your webpage. Here's a list of all the colors available http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors:_A%E2%80%93F I will be using #999999 which gives it a nice gray color. Take a look at it and see what you think. That's how you add background color. Really simple! I'm going to show you how to add images to your website and make them into links using width & height aswell and on how to center images and texts. ~ IMG SRC (width & height can be used) is the image source code that is used to upload images. The images folder is created to keep it all organized. ~ A HREF is the code that is used for links to direct to other pages. Now put your chosen image in your images folder and leave it there. Let's move onto making your picture coded into your website. I will be using a cool JRStaff logo that I found on Google and link it. Take a look at the code. I anchored one image with a link and one without and centered both(separately) to show the difference with the power of width and height. The one above directs to Google and the one below has width & height code. Thanks for following my second tutorial. Stay tuned for the third one. If you have any questions about the second tutorial or if you have any suggestions of what I should do in the third tutorial, give me a heads up! Part 3 - Not published yet.
  3. I like phones with longer battery, better organized menus(not with 1k folders everywhere) and easy to use - so I choose Samsung Galaxy(and I love Android)
  4. Zimon

    New Consols

    Xbox One cause I've always been a fan of Xbox years back. (And Halo Veteran )
  5. Hello and welcome to my "How to make a website"-tutorial! The difficulty is at beginner/medium. Let me explain the basics you will use when coding with HTML: ~ HTML means HyperText MarkUp Language. This is the basic of all websites that exist and is needed. ~ BODY will be used to show your text & images on the actual webpage. ~ TITLE contains the name of your website. I will show you later what it will look like! And CSS. Which I will be teaching you later in another tutorial. ~ CSS means Cascading Style Sheet and is used to design and style your website lots of different ways. Let's begin with our tutorial already! Open up notepad by pressing Start and search for Notepad and open it. This is how you should build your basic(or advanced) website everytime as this is how you setup your HTML-structure while coding. Now, make a folder somewhere on your desktop and save your text document as index.html - index is what makes your main webpage which will make it the first viewable page on the Internet when visited. You can now RightClick your index.html and Open With your desired web browser to see the results. You might aswell make an images folder inside your website folder for later. It was't that much added but I wanted to keep this tutorial simple and clean but if you still find it to be a little difficult to understand, leave a reply and explain. If you have any questions about what to do or what you would like to see in our next tutorial. Give me a heads up! PART 2 -
  6. Antagonist? What was that? I might be able to do it afterall
  7. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Hungry as hell... I have eaten 4 sandwiches at, I NEED MOAR
  8. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Waking up in a new home.. Time for school
  9. xD ---------- My bad moment was today when my dad's idiotic girlfriend forced me out of the house.. So I'm not coming back
  10. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Been moving out from my family. I wonder what happen next.. (sorry for my inactivity)
  11. Ken Ring - Ta Det Lugnt (I love swedish hiphop omfg)
  12. Not sure why I even listened to this, it's s***.. XD
  13. How can you even remember all this? ._.
  14. Are these videos going to be recorded with Tekkit on Minecraft?
  15. Drabant - Tommy Tee, Saigon, Ken Ring (and some others I think)
  16. I would rather win nothing and have my friends Would you rather have a zombie apocalypse or eat a monkey? XD
  17. True xD for some weird reason I start singing random things while rhyming it all :/
  18. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Making the TD I was working on to release it with the company name "Shukuchi Software" some day
  19. I can't live without my friends and no money
  20. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    Congratulations once again ---------------------- I'm feeling a bit dizzy right now XD
  21. All I do is keep coding XD I got my TD back btw
  22. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    I meant the cPanel or something, but nevermind Still want it to be a CMS? Nice design btw Nevermind, it's too awesome xD
  23. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    I'm talking about your PM, @Peter xD ------------- I wonder how @k3v_o knows what I meant with "snelhest" as it is a weird Swedish word that actually doesn't exist but it means "kind horse" basically xD

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