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  1. 7/10 - Looks cool but I don't know what it is xD @Carter
  2. It's the same for the XBOX 360 xD
  3. Ah, sorry to hear that. I hope it gets up and running some other time
  4. I'm playing Dungeon Defenders It's fun, but not very addictive after awhile I got this game on my XBOX 360.
  5. I would've voted now if I was playing on JR but my computer is broken
  6. >.<.. ----------- 5.5/10 a pink/purple brony ;o
  7. Maybe we can figure something out still Feel free to add my Skype; elmerup (Zimon Elmerup)
  8. Sorry guys, I won't be able to do this series with you. Both of my computers are dead now so I'm on my phone xD
  9. I guess I could, let me get a good evil voice in mind first though Add my Skype; elmerup (Zimon Elmerup)
  10. Do you still need people for this? I'm 17 years old and I sound like a thirty year old america(I'm from Sweden btw) So if you guys need someone with a grownup voice.. I'm in(and I play Minecraft aswell, of course) Just don't do this when it's morning for me(GMT+01.00) then I sound like Darth Vader..
  11. Zimon

    I Got Killed By ...

    I got killed by replying to this topic
  12. Sorry for my question, but what is Tulsa and where is it located?
  13. Zimon

    Random Thoughts

    My eyes hurt.. I'm like 3 inches away from my phone screen XD
  14. I don' understand.. XD is it a correction or a link? I'm on my phone right now
  15. Yeah, I liked them until they kicked my mother in the face:P she were at hospital in 2 weeks x) ------------- I'm finally rating yours 7/10 I like the simpleness in it xD
  16. You know you've succeeded at life when you have a nolife behind the computer
  17. Zimon

    Count to 9001

    220 normal people on YouTube (we aren't even close to that S#%&)
  18. You really like advertising, don't you? XD just kidding You know you've succeeded at life when.. Uhm.. something fun happens
  19. 4/10 I don't like bronies, ponies, horses or whatever anymore D; I like the colours though <3
  20. You know you've succeeded at life when you eat a potato. 'Nuff said. @Smmbod
  21. ermahgerd... ermagherd, ermagerd? Whaaat? XD
  22. You and your pictures, @Peter XD
  23. Sorry for a bit offtopic, but what is PPU?
  24. I didn't get it either, but, wow lol xD
  25. Haha xD same here, really lol 58k human, infinite amount of cows