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  1. Penis Song by Macklemore lol
  2. Visby is a city xD not a farmplace and no livestock either but the rest of Gotland(99%) is full of farms, forests and livestock XD
  3. I live in Sweden > Gotland > Visby(Wise Village). Probably the most boring place in the whole world
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    Hmm... where do I make a status update on my phone for JR? ( @Jamie )
  5. Zimon

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    I'm so obsessed in Battlefield 3 Multiplayer, I don't even know how the missions are like, I forgot xD
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    Oh, alright.. I guess xD ---------- Quoting a quote, quoteception.
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    ADTR? What's that?
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    <insert sadface here> .... <insert HYUNA - Bubble Pop youtube link here>, <insert happyface here> --------------- It's so easy to be in a bad mood. I don't like it when I tell people to stop and they don't <insert some unexplanatory smiley here>
  9. Hey, @ sorry for a bit offtopic but add my XBL gamertag: NameThatGuy I got Minecraft for xbox 360 now
  10. It is possible to change the settings to prevent that, I believe.
  11. ***I only read the topic post*** You could use Skype and for sending code snippets, you might want to use pastebin or Dropbox? Dropbox is a better alternative by then I can't answer the others For screen-sharing, maybe use twitchtv or livestream. It is possible with TeamViewer too, I think?
  12. Well, I actually don't want to have too much software on this laptop as it might get really slow by then
  13. I might not be able to help after all, as I am more used to Java than C# and I'm making a game on my own right now
  14. I agree. I guess so. Jamie's word is... just a word, but he's the baws.
  15. Thanks So, 19.00 today? I'm online on Skype
  16. London is 1 or 2 hours earlier than Stockholm @Jamie ?
  17. I don't understand, it sounds pretty much similar to quoting already O.o
  18. Thank you But isn't London 18.00 or 17.00?
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    I see @ lots of times on Skype aswell ---------- My head is blowing up with ideas... not literally :3
  20. All I can say is... Wow.. xD